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Chapter 1299: Moonlight Tribe (6)

“It seems like only Wu Yue and Lan Si have yet to return, right” Wu En looked around and said.

Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

She seemed to have heard a familiar name.

“Lan Si” Shen Yanxiao suspected if this Lan Si was the Great Master Lan Si from the weapon shop in the past.

“Why Yan Xiao, you know Lan Si” Wu En asked.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and said, “If you are referring to Grandmaster Lan Si, I believe I have met him.”

“Ha Thats him.” Jing You immediately gave an affirmative answer.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She did not expect Lan Si to be an elf of the Moonlight Tribe.

When she first met Lan Si, she did not wear the badge of the Moonlight Tribe as she snuck out.

Moreover, Lan Si did not seem to be wearing his badge that day.

Due to the Moonshine Trading House, Shen Yanxiao had always assumed that the shops opened by tribes would be manned by their members.

She did not expect Lan Si to take such an unusual route.

“But why isnt his weapon shop using the name of the tribe” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Jing You rolled his eyes and said without any elegance, “The Moonlight Tribe does not like that kind of arrangement.

Our shops are named randomly.”

“Yan Xiao, youve met Lan Si When” Qing Xuan was even more curious as to how Shen Yanxiao had met Lan Si.

According to what Wu Yue said, Shen Yanxiao seemed to have been sent to the advanced training camp the moment she entered a black-level city.

After that, there was a six-month training period, with her only arriving here the moment she was released.

How did Shen Yanxiao meet Lan Si during this period

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She was so surprised that she forgot that she had met Lan Si when she snuck out from the advanced training camp…

This was awkward.

Elder Yue was in charge of the advanced training camp, and the few people in the room were all good friends of Elder Yue.

Elder Yue would definitely find out about this today.

Even though she had already left the advanced training camp and passed the selection test for the Silvermoon Guards, but…

No matter what, it would be awkward if the formerprincipal knew that she hadskipped class for no reason.

“I can no longer use my previous bow, so I asked Great Master Lan Si to modify it for me.” Shen Yanxiao decisively pretended to be oblivious and avoided the main point.

Which one of them here was not an old fox that had lived for hundreds of years They immediately understood Shen Yanxiaos hidden meaning and did not say anything else.


“Great Master Lan Si… Yan Xiao, if you have any questions about herbalism, you can come and ask me.

There are several cabinets of formulas in my room.

If you are interested, I can bring them to you for a look.” Wu En said with a smile.

Evidently, these few seniors had been thoroughly stimulated by Shen YanxiaosGreat Master Lan Si match!

Even though they were often called masters by elves, this feeling was different!

Those elves belonged to someone else, but the one before them belonged to them.

They also wanted to be worshipped by their children!

“I can give you some pointers on archery.” Jing You said, unwilling to be outdone.

“You can look for me if the bow is not good.

Lan Si is very slow.

There are many ready-made bows piled up in my room and they are all of the best quality.

Pick any one you like.

If you dont see anything you like, I will make another one for you.” Cang Yan immediately hung himself up.


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