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Cao Xus team encountered the same thing as Qi Xias team did when the test started and about seventy to eighty students followed them around as they waited for the opportunity to attack them.

They were very fortunate to have Shangguan Xiao in their team as he was a genius and the top scholar in the Herbalist Division.

Not only so, he was also the sole herbalist in the Saint Laurent Academy who had reached the peak of a junior level herbalist.

Shangguan Xiao had already started to produce some basic potion since the year before that and during the test, his space ring was filled with the potions that he had created previously.

Among the potions that he had, there were many hypnosis and slow potions.

Even though those potions were commonly, they were quite effective too.

Shangguan Xiao had to smash about eight bottles of those potions before they managed to break away from the group of students encirclement.

Even though an herbalist did not possess any fighting skills, the potions that they had would still be able to give their opponents some troubles.

At that moment, Shangguan Xiao was the core of his team as the deans potion suppressed his other teammates strength.

Even Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng would not find fault with him.

Shen Yanxiao hid atop a tall tree not far from that team of five as she watched them acted as if long-time friends.

Though, she was not in a hurry to take any action against them.

It was still daytime, and so she could not just appear in front of them.

Otherwise, she would have been struck with stones and arrows before she even had the chance to approach them, let alone to get close enough to steal from them.

Therefore, she decided to bid her time as the moonlight would be her best cover when night fell.

Shangguan Xiaos team of five traveled deeper into the Obscure Forest.

Their intentions were clear.

They did not want to have a battle with the other students in their conditions, and so, they were left with the option to find a safe place to rest and to reorganize themselves as soon as possible.

It would also give Shangguan Xiao the time to produce the antidotes.

Luck was on their side as they only encountered two weaker teams along the way.

Even though those unlucky students wanted to attack Cao Xus team, the slow potion that Shangguan Xiao threw at them prevented that action.

It was already evening when Shangguan Xiao and his team finally found a cave that had been abandoned by the magical beasts.

After they ensured that the cave was safe from other teams and magical beast, the group of five finally had the chance to relax after a days worth of journey.

They ate a little food and then sat by the campfire to keep warm.

“Its getting late, and we should rest early.

Li Xiang, you shall take the night watch.” Cao Xu looked at the campfire as he spoke to the Magus Divisions student who sat beside him without any sense of presence.

The magus was visibly unhappy with that demand.

Cao Xu had pushed all the tasks onto him as they journeyed, and he was also the one who gathered the branches for the campfire.

Even though Li Xiangs strength was inferior to Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng, he was still one of the top students in the Magus Division.

In his division, who would dare to be impolite to him

He liked the idea to collaborate with strong team members, and so he accepted Cao Xus invitation to join his team.

However, he was not there to be a nanny for the team.

Furthermore, Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng were powerless then, so what right did they have to command him

So, Li Xiang unhappily said, “Stop joking.

I am not as strong as I was before, and I am already tired from a days journey.”

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