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Chapter 1301: Moonlight Tribe (8)

It had to be known that during the years when the Moonlight Tribe was in their decline, the eyes of these few old fogeys would always be green when they saw the elves of other tribes.


Couldnt they be more subtle!

When the elves saw that Shen Yanxiao was almost buried, they finally realized that they had gone too far.

They immediately pulled Shen Yanxiao out from the pile of items and threw their works aside without a care.

Compared to the precious baby elf of their tribe, those priceless treasures were trash in their eyes!

Shen Yanxiao finally regained her freedom.

She sat on the chair and sighed at their enthusiasm.

Imagine, the number of elves in a large tribe had continuously decreased over the past thousand years.

During the recent three to four hundred years, Wu En and the rest watched helplessly as their companions and seniors died one by one.

There were no more newborns in the tribe.

They waited for more than four hundred years and looked forward to it for more than four hundred years.

They thought that the Moonlight Tribe would be completely forgotten after their death.

However, right now, they had an extremely outstanding little girl joining them.

How pleasant of a surprise was that

The elves did not pay much attention to their bloodline.

What they cared about was whether their beliefs had been passed down.

As long as there was an elf, then the name of the Moonlight Tribe would not fall.

“The way they welcome you is somewhat special.

Yan Xiao, dont mind them.” Elder Yue comforted Shen Yanxiao and secretly glared at those few people.

It was not easy for them to have a free elf join their tribe.

Moreover, she was so talented.

If they were to scare Shen Yanxiao away, he would have to fight it out with them.

Wu En and the rest stood at one side in embarrassment.

The elves who were thousands of years old in total had revealed a helpless look similar to a child.

This was what they had been looking forward to for hundreds of years.

How could they not be excited

“Its okay, I like Great Master Wu En and the rest.” Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment and added aGreat Master title to address Wu En.

It seemed like they liked this

Hearing the wordsGreat Master Wu En, Wu En was over the moon and his face was filled with intoxication.

Oh oh oh!

Little Xiaoer called him Great Master Wu En!

My life was worth living!

Looking at Wu Ens over-the-moon expression, Liang Qiu, Qing Xuan, Cang Yan and Jing Yous shoulders collapsed one by one.

They looked at Shen Yanxiao with sadness, as if they were eldelies that had been abandoned at the roadside.

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched and her expression stiffened.

“Great Master Liang Qiu, Great Master Qing Xuan, Great Master Cang Yan and Great Master Jing You were also very nice to me.”

In an instant, the four elves who had a combined age of almost two thousand years had reached nirvana.

Their smiles had replaced their previous sadness.

It was as if they had ascended from hell to heaven.

Shen Yanxiao looked at their lively expressions and honestly felt that the degree of liveliness of these elderly elves could be compared to those five idiots in her family.

Elder Yue could not help but laugh as he looked at the scene before him.

He was the oldest among the elves in the Moonlight Tribe and he was also in the Moonshine City previously.

After experiencing so much, he had also become much calmer.

“Thats good.

If theres anything youre unaccustomed to, tell me.

Ive arranged your room for you.

Ill take you there first.” Elder Yue carried Shen Yanxiao to her room.

Wu En and the rest wanted to follow them, but Elder Yue immediately said with a cold face, “After I show Yanxiao the room, I dont want to see a pile of stuff in the hall.”


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