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Chapter 1312: Enchanter (6)

“…” Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly speechless!!

It turned out that the potion was such a cheap item!

She had seen many Magical Gold Trees recently, so Liang Qiu was not exaggerating.

This type of plant was everywhere in the Moon God Continent, and the conditions for it to survive were very simple.

With soil, water, and sunlight, they could live.

However, the Magic Gold Trees wood was very soft and crisp.

Thus, it was impossible to use it to make weapons, or even furniture.

Therefore, no humans were ever interested in trees that no one wanted on the streets.

If humans knew that this plant was something that could be concocted into aprecious potion, what would they think

“Actually, planting them in the tribe is also to help me easily create these potions.” Liang Qiu chuckled.

He found Shen Yanxiaos reaction interesting.

Shen Yanxiao blinked and a thought suddenly surfaced in her mind.

She was still worried about how she would obtain enchantment potions when she returned to the Brilliance Continent.

Elves were strictly prohibited from trading with outsiders.

Thus, Shen Yanxiao would not expect the Qilin Familys merchants to bring some back for her.

At most, she would buy some before she left the Moon God Continent and bring them back to the Brilliance Continent to use.

However, she did not expect that the potion was made from the Magical Golden Tree!

She was well aware that the Magic Gold Tree could be planted on the Brilliance Continent!

Furthermore, a Magical Golden Tree could produce hundreds of fruits at once.

According to Liang Qiu, a single fruit could produce a potion.

A few hundred fruits…

That would be hundreds of potions!!

If they were to sell it in the Brilliance Continent, a single bottle would cost a million gold coins!

It could be said that the value of a magical tree was in the hundreds of millions of gold coins!


Shen Yanxiao did not intend to sell the potion.

Enchantment was, in the end, an elfs skill, and she did not wish to spread it widely among humans.

Furthermore, only the rarest power could become a trump card!

Shen Yanxiao already had a plan.

Before she returned to the Brilliance Continent, she would bring hundreds of bottles of enchantment potions as backup.

Then, she would get a few more Magical Gold Trees!

With Magical Golden Trees on hand, she no longer had to worry about not having any enchantment potions!

With the potion, she could write as many enchantment scrolls as she wanted!

Her dreams were perfect, but the reality was harsh.

While Shen Yanxiao was dreaming of her bright future, she caught a glimpse of the crooked magic words written by her, and her joy instantly hit rock bottom.

Write your f*cking enchantment scroll!

She had better master the magic words first!

Shen Yanxiao continued to struggle with the magic words.

When night fell, Shen Yanxiao did not stay idle.

She directly pulled Liang Qiu to demonstrate how to use the fruit of the Magic Gold Tree and the sap to create an enchantment potion.

For the remaining four days, Shen Yanxiao had been practicing writing her magic words and occasionally concocted a few potions.

She had yet to fully master the writing, but she was already very skilled in mixing potions!

But, four days later, Shen Yanxiao packed her things and stood in the hall of the Moonlight Tribe as she bid farewell to Elder Yue and the rest.

Wearing the badge belonging to the Moonlight Tribe on her chest, Shen Yanxiao temporarily left the tribe that was filled with cheers and laughter.

She stepped out of the city gates and headed towards Jadeite City.


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