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Chapter 1316: Sealed Off (4)

“Err… alright, I wont force you.” Shen Jing seemed to have realized that the other party was in a bad mood and tactfully did not insist.

“Oh right, you mentioned that the one who traded gems with you was an elf.

Then why did the city lord lock you up Wouldnt it be fine if you explain it to him directly” The elves from the Moonshine Tribe had mentioned the reason they came in.

It could be said that Shen Jing was the main culprit behind the Moonshine Tribes imprisonment!

If it were not for the fact that Shen Jing had nothing better to do than to tease the city lords daughter, the Elf King would not have banned the trade of gemstones with humans.

In that case, no matter where the gemstones of the Moonshine Tribe came from, they would not have to suffer like this.

But still, Shen Jing was very curious.

He was well aware of the nature of the elves in the Moonshine Tribe.

They could be said to be a group of upright and honest elves.

Even though they had been demoted for some reason, they did not show any dissatisfaction towards his family members.

Shen Jing would never believe that they dared to go against the Elf Kings orders and trade gems with humans.

However, they clearly made a deal with elves, so why didnt they explain

Among the elves of the Moonshine Tribe, an older male elf said, “Weve already explained it, but the city lord did not believe us.

He asked us to reveal the identity of the elf who sent the jewels, but we were unable to reveal it.

At that time, that customer came in a hurry, and even though there had always been jewels in the trading house, he had not appeared for half a year.

During that time, it was always a mythical beast that came to take out the crystal coins.

We did not even know the names of the two of them, so where could we find them”

If they could not find any evidence, their words would not be credible.

Everyone knew that the supply of gems in the Lunar Continent was very small and only humans could provide a large number of gems.

The business of the Moonshine Trading House had been extremely bleak.

However, half a year ago, a large number of gems suddenly went on sale and the supply of gems had never stopped during that period.

This had attracted the city lords attention.

After some investigation, they found that the gems in the Moonshine Trading House were not from the Moon God Continent.

They were obviously from the Brilliance Continent where humans lived.

No matter how the elves in the Moonshine Trading House tried to explain, they would not be able to clear their suspicion if they could not find the elf who had resold them.

Moreover, after the two elves from the Moonshine Trading House described Shen Yanxiao to the city lord, the city lord increasingly did not believe that she really existed.

A little elf that had yet to reach adulthood could take out so many gems Wasnt that too strange

Unless it was the leader of a tribe, which elf would have so many gems

And the leader of a tribe would never sell these gems.

Therefore, after some deductions, it was hard for the elves of the Moonshine Tribe to clear themselves of suspicion.

“Didnt you say that a mythical beast would come to collect money Cant you just get the city lord to find that mythical beast” Shen Jings mind was still spinning very quickly.

The Moonshine Tribe elf forced a smile and said, “We also want to find it, but that mythical beast only appears occasionally and would leave after taking the money.

We dont even know where to find it.”

Shen Jing asked, “Then do you know what kind of mythical beast it is Tell your city lord to pay attention and ask him to search for it.

In any case, that mythical beast should be collecting money soon.

Tell the city lord to send elves to guard the entrance of your trading house.”


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