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Chapter 1319: You Are All Thieves (2)

“What” Duan Yuan was surprised.

That arrogant little boy was indeed Vermilion Bird, and Shen Yanxiao was standing by his side!

Vermilion Bird arrogantly raised his chin and looked at Duan Yuan.

Duan Yuan sized up Vermilion Bird and immediately associated him with the description of the Moonshine Tribe elves.


The mythical beast really existed

“There might be some misunderstanding between us.” Duan Yuan looked at Vermilion Bird with beads of sweat.

The relationship between elves and magical beasts was very complicated.

They had always minded their own business.

Elves did not care if magical beasts entered or left the city gates, and magical beasts did not like to have much contact with elves.

For magical beasts, the elves cold and detached personality made them uninteresting.

Furthermore, the Moon God Continent had always been peaceful and this made the warlike elements in their bodies useless.

“What misunderstanding! Let me ask you, did you seal the Moonshine Trading House previously” The Vermilion Bird impolitely asked.

Duan Yuan said, “Yes, but…”

Vermilion Bird did not give Duan Yuan any chance to explain as he bombarded him.

“Thats right! Youve also seized a large number of gems and crystal coins! Those are all mine! You group of thieves!”

Duan Yuan wanted to cry.

He knew that mythical beasts had a bad temper, but wasnt the person before him too unreasonable He did not even give them a chance to explain and directly labeled them as thieves.

“Please let me explain…” Duan Yuan struggled.

“Cut the crap! Return my gems and crystal coins!” Vermilion Bird did not even know how to write the wordreasonable.

Duan Yuan was speechless.

Looking at Vermilion Birds valiant and spirited posture, he did not doubt that if he angered this mythical beast, his mansion would turn into a sea of fire in the next second.

“Dont be so agitated.

Listen to the city lords explanation.” Shen Yanxiao, who had been silent at the side, stepped forward to mediate when Duan Yuans expression turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

“This is” Duan Yuan looked at the little elf by Vermilion Birds side.

When his gaze landed on Shen Yanxiaos chest, a trace of shock immediately appeared in his eyes.

Wasnt that the badge of the Silvermoon Guards and the Moonlight Tribe

Was this little elf from the Silvermoon Guards And also Moonlight Tribe elf

Duan Yuans jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

“My name is Yan Xiao.

In fact, the gems you seized from the Moonshine Trading House belong to me,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said to Duan Yuan.

After suffering from Vermilion Birds irrational bombardment, the smiling Shen Yanxiao was honestly obedient, sensible, and considerate in Duan Yuans eyes.

“Are these gems really yours Oh, Im sorry, but we are more cautious about this matter.

According to our investigation, the origin of these gems should be in the Brilliance Continent where humans live.

The Moon God Continent has already sealed off the trading of gems that came from the Brilliance Continent.

The sudden appearance of this batch of gems in the Moonshine Tribe had attracted our attention.” Duan Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Shen Yanxiao seemed to be familiar with Vermilion Bird.

At least he had someone to talk to now.

“Bullsh*t! What has it got to do with me that youve blocked off the trade of gems These gems were all accumulated by me when I was in the Brilliance Continent.

Right now, Im giving them to my little kid as a gift, but look at you, you actually embezzled all of them without distinguishing right from wrong! Youre simply thieves! Bandits! Shameless degenerates!” Vermilion Bird glared at Duan Yuan with an angry expression and mercilessly used the few words Shen Yanxiao had just taught him.


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