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Chapter 1328: Moonshine Tribe (2)

An Ran smiled.

Seeing that his father had returned safely, he could finally relax.

After they entered the hall, the elves around them immediately dispersed.

None of them could act unbridled in front of their leader.

“Leader, we are back,” An Feng knelt on one knee with Yue Shi and the rest and said to An Yan respectfully.

An Yan nodded expressionlessly.

“Get up.”

Only then did An Feng and the others stand up.

“Have you found that customer” An Yan asked.

An Feng said, “Thats right.

It was that customer who resolved the misunderstanding between us and the City Lord.

Moreover, the City Lord promised that he would issue an announcement in Jadeite City tomorrow to clear our name.”

A trace of joy surfaced in An Yans calm eyes.

“That customer is now here.” An Feng said that, and Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird slowly walked out from the crowd.

When An Yan saw Shen Yanxiao for the first time, a crack suddenly appeared on her ice-cold face.

She slightly widened her eyes and looked at this face that she found extremely familiar.

“Wen Ya…” An Yan subconsciously called out.

All the elves in the hall held their breaths.

The instant An Ran saw Shen Yanxiao, his jaw dropped.

How could Yan Xiao be that customer

What shocked An Ran even more was An Yans quiet murmur.

Wen Ya…

An Yans biological daughter, the former little princess of the Moonshine Tribe, had been selected to assume the position of a Saintess in Moonshine City, and she had almost married the Elf King.

She was also An Rans… elder sister.

An Yan and An Feng were a pair of siblings.

When An Yan ascended to the position of the leader of the Moonshine Tribe, An Feng served by her side.

Wen Ya was older than An Ran, and thus An Ran grew up under Wen Yas care.

However, before he could fully understand the situation, Wen Ya had been forced to leave the Moon God Continent as a mixed-race.


Why did An Yan call Shen Yanxiao “Wen Ya”

A strange glint flashed past Shen Yanxiaos eyes as she looked at the elegant female elf before her.

If there was a mirror right now, she believed that the reflection of herself and An Yan would be somewhat similar.

An Yan and Wen Ya looked alike, but Wen Ya was more gentle while An Yan was more cold and arrogant.

After all, An Yan was shouldering the honor and responsibility of the entire Moonshine Tribe.

“My name is Yan Xiao.

Greetings, Leader An Yan.” Shen Yanxiao looked at her grandmother with a smile in her eyes.

An Yan came back to her senses and finally realized her mistake.

She recovered her composure and looked at Shen Yanxiao with doubt in her eyes.

“I have to thank you for this.” An Yan softly expressed her thanks.

Perhaps it was because the other party looked too similar to the daughter she had not seen for a long time, that An Yans tone had unknowingly become much gentler.

While many elves were sighing at An Yans call, a person that was overlooked by all the elves was thoroughly petrified by Shen YanxiaosI am Yan Xiao.

Shen Jing stared at that small back with his mouth agape.

An incomparably horrifying conjecture surfaced in his mind.

Yan Xiao…

Shen Yanxiao…

Could it be, this little elf was actually their familys little girl!


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