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Chapter 1332: Moonshine Tribe (6)

The trash of the Vermilion Bird Family had always been Shen Jing before Shen Yanxiao returned.

Before Shen Yu was born, Shen Jing was a smart kid.

Both Shen Feng and his mother highly regarded Shen Jing.

Shen Jing had grown up being viewed with great expectations.

When he found out that Shen Yu was born, he snuck into the garden to stroll around during Shen Yus first birthday.

Everything that happened that night had changed his life.

At that time, Shen Jing was still young, but he clearly remembered that when he walked to the lotus pond, someone had pushed him from behind.

Shen Jing was like a duck in dry water.

He fell into the water and struggled continuously.

Soon, the ice-cold water drowned him.

If it were not for the servants who happened to pass by and discovered him, he probably would not have survived.

After that night, Shen Jing fell sick and had a high fever.

He laid on the bed for half a month.

Ever since then, Shen Jing had changed from a handsome young man to a wastrel.

He no longer revised his poems or trained in magic.

It was as if he had a change of personality.

He would cause trouble everywhere like other children of his age.

He tore the books in his room page by page and stacked all sorts of small items throughout the Vermilion Bird Family.

Shen Feng and Shen Jings mother were nearly angered to death by Shen Jing.

As a result, Shen Feng had beaten Shen Jing up quite a number of times.

However, after the beating was complete, Shen Jing still went around causing trouble again.

Everyone knew that a genius young master of the Vermilion Bird Family had become an ignorant and incompetent little scoundrel after he fell sick.

At that time, due to Shen Yus birth, Shen Feng did not pay much attention to Shen Jing.

As Shen Yu gradually grew up, the smart and outstanding Shen Yu gradually caused Shen Feng to overlook Shen Jings changes.

Instead of teaching Shen Jing a lesson all day long, Shen Feng would rather pay more attention to nurturing a good seedling like Shen Yu.

Shen Jing matured under the constant insults and slowly became the most inconspicuous young master in the Vermilion Bird Family.

Ever since his personality had changed, that tragedy had never happened again.

Shen Jing had never told anyone of this.

That night, when he fell into the pool, he clearly saw a familiar figure.

It was a handsome young man and his appearance was somewhat similar.

However, Shen Jing could see intense hatred and killing intent on his face.

With Shen Jings intellect, he understood everything very quickly.

Therefore, he restrained his sharpness and concealed his strength and bided his time.

He was no longer dazzling.

He had cut off his wings and only wanted to live in silence.

No matter why that person had pushed him that night, he was still his brother in Shen Jings heart.

However, Shen Jing did not expect that even if he had already laid low, that person would still not restrain himself.

Eldest Brother, Shen Yu… all the brothers who could compete with that person for the Family Head position had been murdered.

Shen Jing was in despair.

Facing his dead brothers, he was filled with guilt.

Facing a certain ruthless brother, he still had a trace of hope.


Perhaps as long as he got what he wanted, the Vermilion Bird Family would no longer face any disasters.

However, Shen Jing was wrong, ridiculously wrong.

Shen Yanxiaos appearance had shattered everything and pushed the Vermilion Bird Family that had been peaceful for a long time into the endless abyss.

Shen Jing did not hate anyone.

There was only infinite sadness in his heart.

They were his family, his brothers.


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