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Chapter 1342: Trouble (6)

As soon as An Ran arrived, he heard Shen Yanxiaos bombardment of words and was momentarily stunned.

In the advanced training camp, Shen Yanxiao basically did not speak very much.

She was usually very quiet, and this was the first time An Ran had seen her poisonous tongue.

Probably no other elf in the Moon God Continent could rival her talking skills.

The elves of the Qingyuan Tribe were unhappy, but the elves of the Moonshine Tribe felt cheerful.

Ever since the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, their old rival, the Qingyuan Tribe, had caused them no lack of trouble.

The elves of the Moonshine Tribe had been suppressing their anger for the sake of the bigger picture.

Now that they heard Shen Yanxiaos carefree scolding, they wished they could applaud and cheer for her!

Didnt you say that Shen Yanxiao killed Shui Ling

Then isnt your young master Shui Lings physique too weak He died from an arrow shot by a little girl to his shoulder.

Moreover, An Ran was even shot by Shui Ling.

Why is he still alive and kicking

Its all because of your bad genes!

As An Yan was present, the elves of the Moonshine Tribe did not dare to be too excited.

However, the smugness in their eyes was clearly revealed.

“Tsk tsk, wasnt that what you wanted me to say when you chased me here” Shen Yanxiao laughed shamelessly.

“Since you are so sincere, I will not disappoint you.” You want to embarrass her Why dont you take a look at yourself first

Shui Miaos handsome face was angered by Shen Yanxiao to the point it was turning the color of a pigs liver.

The nature of elves was that they were reticent.

Mo Yus constant chatter was a result of a mutation.

If an elf who was not good with words were to compete with Shen Yanxiao, the founder who did not use any vulgarities, it would be like throwing an egg against a rock.

“Yan Xiao! Thats enough! Since you said that you and Shui Ling were merely sparring, then very well, Ill challenge you right now! If you still admit that youre an elf of the Moonlight Tribe and do not wish to tarnish the reputation of the hero tribe, then shut your mouth and have a fair fight with me! If you lose, immediately take off the badge of the Silvermoon Guards on your chest and invite yourself to the Moonlight Coast to guard until youre old.

If I lose, Ill go!” Shui Miao was thoroughly vexed.

Be it Shui Lings death or Shen Yanxiaos glib tongue, he wished he could tear her apart.

“Leave the Silvermoon Guards and go to the Moonlight Coast!” An Ran cried out in surprise.

Only elves from the junior training camp would be assigned to the Moonlight Coast.

Shen Yanxiao had clearly passed the selection test for the Silvermoon Guards, but Shui Miao wanted to use that as a wager.

One of them was Moonshine City that was closest to the Tree of Life in the Moon God Continent, while the other was located at the edge of the coast.

Not to mention the difference between the Silvermoon Guards and the coast guard, just the distance between the two was unimaginable.

If Shen Yanxiao were to go to the Moonlight Coast, her life would be over!

Elves who were allocated from the training camp to various places would work hard in their posts until they died.

It was impossible for them to rise another rank, and they could only move to junior positions.

It was impossible for them to climb up to the advanced position!

Shui Miaos stakes were very high.

In a match between him and Shen Yanxiao, one of them would definitely disappear from the Silvermoon Guards that radiated boundless light and stay by the seaside where life force was thin.

This would be a decision that would concern them for countless days and nights!


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