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Chapter 1347: Battle Arena (3)

The two bows were of the same color and of the same grade, attracting the attention of all the surrounding elves.

None of the creators of these two bows were lower than a Grandmaster Blacksmith.

Shen Yanxiao lifted the bow and reached for the quiver on her waist.

She carefully observed the entire arena, not missing a single corner or slab.

The arena was large enough for an archery spar.

Shen Yanxiao had to calculate the accuracy of her every step in order to win more accurately.

An Ran and Shen Jing broke out in cold sweat for Shen Yanxiao.

A match between archers was often more dangerous than other professions.

Victory or defeat would depend on whether they were shot.

Once they were shot, they would inevitably be injured!

Shui Miao looked at Shen Yanxiao with a confident smile.

He did not believe that a little elf would be his opponent.

Among the Silvermoon Guards that had gathered their elites, other than the head captain and the five Young Masters, none of the other members were his opponent.

He had absolute confidence that he could toy with Shen Yanxiao and avenge his brother!

Shui Miaos expression slightly changed, and he immediately drew his bow.

Shen Yanxiao reacted almost at the same time and immediately drew her arrow.

Shui Miaos first arrow tore through the air at lightning speed.

Regardless of speed or strength, Shui Miao was the most powerful archer Shen Yanxiao had ever seen!

The strength of this arrow was absolutely not inferior to a Great Magic Archer!

As long as she was hit, Shen Yanxiao would fly out of the stage together with her arrows.

The moment Shui Miao released the arrow, Shen Yanxiao immediately dodged to the left.

She did not directly shoot at Shui Miao from her original position.

Instead, the instant she dodged, she nocked an arrow on the bowstring.

The instant she dodged, Shen Yanxiaos body was half inclined.

However, she was capable of shooting an arrow in that state.

Before her figure stabilized, the arrow in her hand had already shot towards Shui Miao with a silver light!

The two arrows shot by both of them failed to hurt the other party.

The fast-moving arrows flew past the stage and flooded into the distance before disappearing from the elves line of sight.

The speed was so fast that they could not react.

That kind of speed and that kind of strength made the elves under the stage dumbstruck.

“As expected of an elf from the Silvermoon Guards…” One of the surrounding elves subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

The fierce battle had yet to end; this was only the beginning.

Shen Yanxiao and Shui Miao released their second arrow almost at the same time.

Just like last time, Shen Yanxiao attacked as she dodged, but her attack was slightly later than Shui Miao.

If this continued, Shen Yanxiaos offenses would fall into a disadvantage, while Shui Miao would have more time to deal with Shen Yanxiaos arrows.

All the elves felt that Shen Yanxiao was not Shui Miaos opponent.

The battle between archers was a competition of agility.

Shen Yanxiao was evidently inferior to Shui Miao in terms of speed.

She would only be led by the nose if this continued!

“That little elf is still too inexperienced.” Even though the surrounding elves acknowledged Shen Yanxiaos strength, her opponent was much stronger!

A slight difference could decide the winner.

Practically no one believed Shen Yanxiao would win.

Even An Ran was the same.

He was worried for Shen Yanxiao.


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