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“Cao Xu, are you for real” Even Meng Yiheng and Shangguan Xiao could not believe it.

Cao Xu snorted as he looked at the shocked expressions on the faces of his teammates and said, “Of course! I do not wish to lose my test qualifications so randomly.

Even though the trap created from the Quagmire Potion is useful, it is still hard to guard against an archers grappling hooks.

If they used it to fly into the cave, then the trap would only be for decoration.”

As a long-ranged profession, the archers had a powerful, and flexible supplementary tool – the Grappling Hook.

The tool could easily be embedded in stones and tree trunks.

With the rope attached, they could even swing into their safety area.

Meng Yiheng knew that better than anyone as he was an outstanding archer himself.

It seemed like they had overlooked that little problem.

No one expected that Cao Xu would think of that problem in the middle of the night.

He even took the initiative and requested to keep watch for the night.

“It is up to you whether you believe it or not, but no matter what, Im warning you.

If someone among us wants to prevent me from entering the violet class, I will not take things lying down.” Cao Xu fiercely glared at the frightened Li Xiang.

It was clear that he was only hostile toward Li Xiang.

Li Xiang gulped as he did not dare to say anything.

After all, the physique of a swordsman was much more powerful than a weak magus.

Once a swordsman closed in, it was hard for a magus to defend themselves.

Meng Yiheng smiled and gave a little cough before he said, “Please dont say that.

We were just a little surprised.

You can rest assured that all of us are aiming for the violet class as well, and no one would be willing to be a burden.” Even though Cao Xu had a fierce attitude, but that was his nature.

He had always displayed a strong personality, and so, his unyielding attitude was not out of the ordinary.

“Then stop talking nonsense.

Hand me your badges for safekeeping and sleep.

But Ill say this upfront, I will keep watch tonight, and it will be your turn tomorrow.

Other than Qian Shanni, everyone has to take turns and dont even think about shirking!” Cao Xu glared at Li Xiang again.

“Naturally.” Shangguan Xiao nodded.

It was crucial for someone to stand out willingly to keep watch for the first night.

After all, the first night was when they were the most exhausted.

They had journeyed for an entire day, and they only managed to find shelter late in the evening.

Therefore, no one was willing to drag their exhausted body to keep watch for the first night.

No one had any objection toward Cao Xus commands.

They were overjoyed with his sudden spirit of self-sacrifice, and handed their badges to Cao Xu for safekeeping before they happily went back to sleep.

Cao Xu kept the five badges, his own included, into his pocket as he leaned against the entrance of the cave.

Li Xiang shot a glance at Cao Xu.

After he was satisfied that Cao Xu only intended to keep watch for the night instead of taking revenge on him, he relaxed and went back to sleep.

After all, even though they were only friendly on the surface, they were still teammates from the same group.

No matter how much resentment they had for each other, they would only resolve it after the test.

Thus, they had to help and assist each other before the end of the test.

After everyone fell asleep, Cao Xu suddenly stood up from where he sat at the entrance of the cave and walked to the dark corner outside the cave.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the five badges in Cao Xus hand with apprehension before the corner of her lips curved upward.

She saw everything that happened in the cave, and she initially believed that Cao Xus mission would fail.

Never in her wildest dream had she expected Cao Xu to remain calm and responded to the situation naturally.

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