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Chapter 1352: Counterattack in Desperate Situation (4)

The next second, the blazing flames smashed into the spacious stage like rain and fist-sized fireballs accurately bombarded Shen Yanxiaos body.

The elves surrounding Shen Yanxiao released blood-curdling screams as the scarlet flames burnt their gorgeous yet exquisite clothing while the boiling temperature roasted their fair skin.

The elves of the Qingyuan Tribe fell to the ground in pain and rolled on the ground as they wailed.

As the elves gasped, the flaming bird converged the scarlet flames and gradually transformed into a petite figure that slowly descended from the sky and steadily stood by Shen Yanxiaos side.

“A group of reckless idiots.

She is not someone you can touch.” There was no trace of the usual teasing and cuteness on Vermilion Birds face.

He clearly had a head full of red hair and a pair of scarlet eyes that were similar to flames, but it made all the elves feel a chill as if winter was approaching with a suffocating killing intent.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes with a smile and looked at the elves rolling on the ground.

She noticed them rolling around in an attempt to extinguish the flames on their bodies.

“Keep them alive.

I dont want to cause a murder here,” Shen Yanxiao said coldly.

It was not that she did not have the courage to kill them, but she did not want to delay her entry into Moonshine City because of some stones that blocked her way.

They did not have the qualifications, nor were they worthy.

Vermilion Bird raised his eyebrows and waved his finger.

The flames that were spreading on those elves seemed to have a life of its own.

After they heard Vermilion Birds call, they quickly separated from the elves and flew back to Vermilion Bird in no time.

The flames that had tortured dozens of elves condensed into a small flame the size of a fingernail on Vermilion Birds fingertips.

As Vermilion Bird blew gently at it, it quietly extinguished.

On the stage, only the dozens of elves with their hair and clothes burnt were left.

The fire did not take their lives, but it burnt everything that could burn quickly.

Long hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, clothes…

The incomparably proud elves were like chicken whose feathers had been plucked clean.

They curled up their burnt bodies and laid on the ice-cold arena while groaning in pain.

Shui Miao had been shocked silly by what he saw.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird by her side with his mouth agape.

Even an idiot would know that Vermilion Bird was a mythical beast.

However, he could not understand why a magical beast that had always minded its own business with elves would suddenly stand up for an elf

Shen Yanxiao kicked Shui Miaos blood-stained badge and grabbed it with one hand.

With an evil smile on her lips, she looked at the music badge that was identical to the badge on her chest and looked at Shui Miao with interest.

“Ill accept this badge.

Are you going to apply for another one or invite yourself to the Moonlight Coast Anyway, you should do as you wish.” With that said, Shen Yanxiao placed the silver badge that once belonged to Shui Miao in her interspatial ring.

Shui Miao trembled as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao did not wipe away the blood stains on the badge.

Even if he were to shamelessly pick up a new badge, the badge in Shen Yanxiaos hand would become a weakness of his that she could take control of.

The blood on the badge represented Shui Miao.

As long as Shen Yanxiao took out that badge, she could prove everything that had happened in the past.

Not only would Shui Miao be ashamed by her, he would also become a shameless bastard for not abiding by his promise.


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