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Chapter 1356: The More Cute Things, the Better (1)

After Shui Miaos matter came to an end, the Moonshine Tribe also started to get on the right track.

Duan Yuan had issued an announcement throughout the city to clear the name of the Moonshine Tribe, and this caused many elves to reflect on whether the Moonshine Tribe was as bad as they had imagined.

The elves were inherently pure and kind.

Even though they had some extreme emotions due to the pollution, their nature still prevailed before the pollution spread.

That announcement was like a fuse that ignited the elves doubts about the Moonshine Tribes prejudice.

They began to recall the Moonshine Tribes former style of doing things and began to suspect if there were other reasons for the Moonshine Tribes demotion, instead of the unbearable rumors spread by word of mouth.

This reflection allowed the Moonshine Tribe, who had been suppressed by public opinion for many years, to finally have a breather.

The Moonshine Trading House reopened and Shen Yanxiao poured in large quantities of gems.

The trading houses business increased instead of decreasing.

There were even many elves who had begun to attempt to sell their items in the Moonshine Trading House.

A small drop of water could also cause a series of waves on the vast sea.

Shen Yanxiao gave the Moonshine Tribe a drop of water and the butterfly effect unfolded.

The businesses of the Moonshine Tribe were showing signs of recovery.

When the elves of Jadeite City saw the elves of the Moonshine Tribe again, they no longer looked at them with disgust.

Even though they had yet to recover their past reputation, they were much better than before.

At the very least, those weapons shops had started selling their bows to the Moonshine Tribe elves.

The entire Moonshine Tribe was finally reborn after a long period of silence.

With regards to this, everyone in the Moonshine Tribe was extremely grateful to Shen Yanxiao.

They knew very well who caused all of this.

Many elves of the Moonshine Tribe exaggerated about Shen Yanxiao in front of An Yan.

During the tribal meetings, there were even high-ranked elves who were full of praise for Shen Yanxiao.

On the other hand, An Yan declined to comment and merely listened quietly with an iceberg-like appearance.

Only An Feng, who was extremely familiar with her, noticed that under An Yans calm mask, her pair of eyes filled with wisdom was brimming with smiles.

The Moonshine Tribe began to move towards a better direction and Shen Yanxiao had also achieved her objective of coming to the Moonshine Tribe.

She began to stay in her room in peace and studied enchantment.

The writing of magic words was a huge problem Shen Yanxiao had to overcome.

There were many elites in the Moonshine Tribe, but none of them were familiar with enchantment.

For a moment, Shen Yanxiao was vexed.

Fortunately, Duan Xue frequently visited the Moonshine Tribe during this period of time.

She had originally studied enchantment and even though she was not as skilled as a Grandmaster Enchanter like Liang Qiu, it was more than enough to guide a beginner like Shen Yanxiao.

Duan Xue and Liang Qius guidance differed.

As Liang Qiu had broken through to the realm of a Grandmaster, he had not been exposed to basic knowledge for a long time.

As Duan Xues abilities were still lacking, her guidance was based on the problems she encountered.

Giving the right medicine!

After five consecutive days of guidance from Duan Xue, Shen Yanxiao finally wrote a perfect magic word.

Of course…

It was only one word.

It did not have any magical effects.

However, for Shen Yanxiao, it was already a huge improvement.

She proudly stored her first successful magical word into her space ring.


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