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Chapter 1369: Hero Saving the Beauty (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Yu Ying, youre ruthless!” Shen Yanxiao gnashed her teeth and glared at Yu Ying.

This time, she had truly failed.

She never expected to encounter such an unreasonable elf.

“Arent you good at fighting Id like to see if you can leave this place alive under their hands.” Yu Ying looked at Shen Yanxiao with pride, her eyes filled with the thrill of revenge.

Shen Yanxiao immediately used her spiritual link to contact Vermilion Bird.

Coincidentally, Vermilion Bird happened to be heading towards the surrounding cities today to continue collecting resources for Shen Yanxiao.

Even if he received the news, he probably would not be able to rush back in a short time.

“I will not die so easily.

In the future, I willrepay you for todaysgift.” Shen Yanxiao made up her mind to drag it out until Vermilion Bird returned.

Even if she was not the opponent of the three elves before her, she would not lose in a short time..


That was the most important thing for Shen Yanxiao to do.

“Sure, lets see how long you can keep your mouth shut.” Yu Ying sneered and said to the three silver elves.

“Since this little girl is not afraid of death, you dont have to be polite with her.

Bring out your strength and treat her well.

I will take responsibility if you kill her.”

Before every Saintess entered Moonshine City, the Elf King would dispatch three elven guards to protect them.

These three guards were sent to Yu Ying, and it could be said that they only listened to the Elf King.

But after the Elf King sent them to Yu Ying, they only listened to her orders.

Even though they knew that Yu Yings request was outrageous, they could not disobey her orders.

The three elves immediately attacked Shen Yanxiao after Yu Ying gave the order.

Before they came, Yu Ying had instructed them that they did not need to use bows and arrows to deal with Shen Yanxiao.

She did not want to kill Shen Yanxiao with a single arrow.

She wanted to look on as Shen Yanxiao helplessly cried out in pain under her punches and kicks.

Only by appreciating the twisted expression of her enemy could she vent the hatred in Yu Yings heart.

Shui Miao could be said to have grown up together with Yu Ying.

Yu Ying was also very satisfied with this fiancé of hers.

The higher Shui Miaos achievements in the Silvermoon Guards, the more glorious Yu Ying felt.

She would also soon become a Saintess, so it would not be long before she would enter Moonshine City and reunite with Shui Miao.

However, all her beautiful plans had been disrupted by Shen Yanxiao.

How could she not hate her

If Shui Miao was no longer the best of the Silvermoon Guards, but an elf with no future at the Moonlight Coast, Yu Ying would never insist on this marriage.

However, she was about to enter Moonshine City.

In Moonshine City, she would spend most of her time guarding the Tree of Life.

And there, she could not find a better man.

Therefore, Yu Ying was unwilling to give up on Shui Miao.

As long as Shen Yanxiao was killed, no one would dare to talk about Shui Miaos failure.

A sinister glint flickered in Yu Yings eyes.

Blame this little elf named Yan Xiao for being blind.

She had to die!

The three silver elves attack speed was too fast.

Shen Yanxiao did not have the time to take out her bow and arrows from her interspatial ring.

Moreover, even if she took out her bow and arrows, she was not fast enough to break away from the encirclement of the three elves.

Without the advantage of distance, an archer could not display their true strength.

Not only would the bow not help her win, but it would also become a burden.

Shen Yanxiao inwardly cursed the vicious and shameless Yu Ying.

Yu Ying was the most despicable elf she had ever seen!


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