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Chapter 138: All is Understood, and No Words are Necessary (2)

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Cao Xu felt vexed.

While he was still asleep, Meng Yiheng had woken him up.

Even though he had a dreamless sleep, he had a bad headache, and he did not know why.

It had not mattered that he felt unwell, but the moment Meng Yiheng and the rest had woken him up, they demanded their badges from him.

Their demand had him at a loss.

“Cao Xu, this is not right.

We are a team, and even if there are any conflicts between us, you should not joke right now.” Meng Yiheng was considered familiar with Cao Xu.

Even though Cao Xu disagreed with Li Xiang last night, he had enough sense to take responsibility for the night watch, and that was supposed to be a good thing.

However, when they woke up in the morning, they saw Cao Xu laid asleep on the ground, and it did not look as if he kept watch for the night.

“Who is joking with you!” Cao Xu yelled.

“You have caused enough commotion, and you should stop.

Hurry and hand over the badges.

We still have to search for some medicinal ingredients today.” Shangguan Xian was too lazy to entertain Cao Xu.

He was already unhappy with the fact that Cao Xu slept the night away instead of keeping watch for the night, but Cao Xu still pretended as if he knew nothing about it.

It was not something that he could accept.

“Thats right.

Brother Shangguan doesnt have many potions left, so we should gather the required medicinal ingredients before we depleted everything else.

Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if we were to encounter other teams.” Qian Shanni tried to persuade him with a gentle tone.

Cao Xus lips twitched.

He felt as if they had ganged up on him.

“I dont know what you are talking about.”

“Cao Xu, would you cut it out already You were the one who wanted to keep watch yesterday night and even asked for our badges to be handed over for safekeeping.

We dont even care that you goofed off, and youre still trying to cause trouble here Do you want everyone to lose their qualification before you are satisfied!” Li Xiang could no longer restrain himself.

He already had a conflict with Cao Xu, and if not for Cao Xus request last night, he would never give his badge to him for safekeeping.

“Wait, what are you saying When did I say Ill be responsible for keeping watch Didnt we all come to a consensus yesterday that no one would be responsible Shangguan Xiao, didnt you also use the Quagmire Potions to arrange a trap” The more he heard, the more fearful Cao Xu was.

He did not understand what they said, but the badges were essential, and it would be troublesome if they lost them.

Meng Yiheng frowned, but he tried to keep his temper down.

He said, “Yesterday, we were all sleeping soundly until you came to ask for our badges.

You said that you were going to keep watch for the night to prevent any archers from the other teams from crossing over the trap to steal our badges.

So, all of us handed our badges to you for safekeeping.

I saw you keep all of our badges along with yours into your pocket.”

“Stop joking! Ive never said anything like that.

All of you must have been dreaming! Furthermore, my badge has always been pinned on my chest, so when did it…” As he spoke, Cao Xu pulled on his clothes for them to see.

However, the moment he lowered his head, his heart dropped.

His chest had nothing pinned on it, and there was not even a shadow of a badge on it!

“This… how could this be I remember wearing my badge on my chest!” Cao Xu panicked.

He did not care about the fate of the other members, but his badge had disappeared without a trace!

“You still deny it Then where is the badge that was supposed to be on your chest Its in your pocket, with the rest of our badges.” Li Xiang coldly snorted.

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