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Chapter 1372: Holding Hands (1)

“Youre a human” Yu Ying looked at the handsome man in front of her in surprise.

She thought that Shui Miao was already very good-looking, but the man in front of her was countless times better looking than him.

If the man in front of her was compared to the sun, then Shui Miao was merely a firefly that flew around in the grass!

Xiu ignored Yu Yings question and walked towards the three elves.

The three elves looked as if they were about to face a great enemy.

They could not sense any aura of thishuman before them.

But in the blink of an eye, Xius figure turned into a white light and passed through the three elves like lightning.

The instant Xiu appeared behind the three elves, six streams of bright red blood sprayed out from their shoulders!

In the blink of an eye, the six arms of the three elves were cut off soundlessly!

What was even more unbelievable was that other than the pool of blood under their arms, there was no other stain of blood on that human!

Yu Ying looked up at Xiu, a handsome man she was willing to look up to.

The next second, Yu Yings eyes suddenly widened and blood flowed down from her slender neck, dying her fair skin red.

She covered her neck in horror, but more blood flowed out from her fingertips.

The arrogant female elf fell to her knees with a plop.

Blood stained the ground beneath her as she fell to the ground in a panic.

The three elves who bled profusely because their arms were cut off also fell to the ground.

Large amounts of blood dyed the ground in front of the entrance of the Moonshine Tribe a glaring red.

Xiu, who was as handsome as a god, gracefully turned around, with his feet suspended in the air.

Even the soles of his shoes were not stained with any dirty blood.

He slowlywalked towards Shen Yanxiao and suddenly stretched out his arms to carry her.

“I dont know how to wash clothes.” Shen Yanxiao endured the acute pain and looked at Xiu who had a cold expression.

The blood on her body had stained his white clothes.

He clearly did not like filth, so why did he have to do this

“You dont have to wash my clothes.” Xiu said calmly and carried Shen Yanxiao towards the Moonshine Tribe.

An Yan and An Feng, who had been nervous in the hall, suddenly saw a human-like man walking in with Shen Yanxiao covered in blood.

No matter how calm An Yan was, when she saw Shen Yanxiaos injuries, her mind immediately exploded and she nearly fainted.

Xiu did not say a single word and carried Shen Yanxiao back to her room.

The injuries on Shen Yanxiaos arms were too severe.

If they were not treated immediately, there would probably be sequelae even if they were treated in the future.

The massive loss of blood made Shen Yanxiao weak.

She could only lean against Xius chest without any strength.

“I have some medicine in my interspatial ring.” Shen Yanxiao struggled to speak.

Xiu kicked open Shen Yanxiaos door and carried her to her bed before gently putting her down.

Soon after, he immediately grabbed Shen Yanxiaos hand that was covered with blood and opened her interspatial ring to take out all the potions.

Xiu narrowed his eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao who was in a semi-conscious state with her eyes half-closed.

All of a sudden, he opened a bottle of Grandmaster Healing Potion and poured it into his mouth.

He supported himself with one hand on the bed and leaned closer to Shen Yanxiao.

His thin lips were domineering yet gentle as they covered her pale lips.


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