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Chapter 1379: Youre Not a Woman If You Dont Take Revenge (4)

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“Grandpa Wu En, I dont wish to trouble you.” Shen Yanxiao laid on the bed in embarrassment.

She felt much better after drinking dozens of bottles of grandmaster potions.

Now that she was overwhelmed by so much care and concern, she felt both touched and embarrassed.

Wu En sighed.

“Why do you think the few of us came all the way to Jadeite City Are we really here to see Su Qian and Su Chen We already knew that the Qingyuan Tribe was going to attack you, so we hurried here.

Although you did not say anything in the letter, your Grandpa Wu En is not an idiot.

He has good ears.

How could the Qingyuan Tribes actions escape my notice”

Wu En felt heartache but also helplessness.

He knew that Shen Yanxiao did not wish for them to get involved in this muddy water.

Therefore, even if they came, this little girl would think of ways to send them away.

“Thank you,” Shen Yanxiao said..

“Alas, this matter has escalated to this point.

Even if you want us to stand by and do nothing, we will not listen to you.

The three elves sent to Yu Ying are all dead, and Yu Ying is also severely injured.

That old man Yu Mu will not give up so easily.

Little girl, you are now an elf of our Moonlight Tribe.

Even though these few old bones of ours are useless, they are not so useless that they cannot even protect their little elf.

We will take care of this matter.” Wu Ens tone was firm.

They did not expect Yu Ying to be so ruthless.

Otherwise, they would not have allowed Shen Yanxiao to send them away.

It could be said that Yu Yings viciousness had far exceeded everyones expectations.

When Shen Yanxiao heard that Yu Ying was still alive, she was slightly stunned.

Xiu had returned to Shen Yanxiaos body before Wu En and the rest entered the door.

Xiu also had some doubts about the news that Yu Ying was still alive.

“Yu Ying isnt dead I clearly saw her getting…” Shen Yanxiao swallowed her saliva.

Xius actions were extremely savage, and his action of slitting her neck was too clean and efficient.

Wasnt Yu Ying just too lucky

Wu En said, “If it were other elves, they would have died long ago.

However, Yu Ying had been selected as Saintess, and she had already eaten the fruit of the Tree of Life that the Elf King had given her.

The fruit of the Tree of Life has extreme healing properties.

As long as she is not instantly blasted into meat paste, she will not die.”

“So… heaven-defying Doesnt that mean all Saintesses are immortal” Shen Yanxiao was secretly amazed.

No wonder Yu Ying dared to be so fearless.

“They are not entirely immortal.

The effect of the fruit of the Tree of Life will gradually decrease with her injuries.

This time, Yu Yings injuries are very severe.

If she suffers from the same injuries again, Im afraid she wont be so lucky,” Qing Xuan explained.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

While a few of the elders were concerned about Shen Yanxiao, the rest of them soon began to prepare the items for her treatment.

Wu En and Qing Xuan took out all the grandmaster potions with beneficial effects.

Other than healing potions, there were also Body Spirit Potions… Solidified Potions… In any case, as long as it was beneficial and harmless, they took out all of it and stuffed it to Shen Yanxiao without any waste.

Vermilion Bird immediately took the heavy responsibility of feeding Shen Yanxiao himself.

However, compared to Xiuspeculiar method of feeding her the medicine, Vermilion Birds method seemed much more normal.


Vermilion Bird just moved a stool and poured the potion into a crystal bowl before using a small spoon to carefully feed Shen Yanxiao.


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