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Chapter 140: All is Understood, and No Words are Necessary (4)

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“Then, what should we do now” Qian Shanni had always left things to her male classmates to complete and even her rank in the Priest Division was obtained with the assistance of others.

She did not possess any remarkable abilities and so when she encountered such a situation, she was at the verge of tears.

“I dont know.

Didnt we get a signal crystal from the teacher before we entered the Obscure Forest If we dont crush the signal crystal, they shouldnt know that weve lost all of our badges.” Meng Yiheng rubbed his temple and said with a bitter expression, “Right now, we can only do our best to steal the badges from other teams so that the teachers will not notice that we have lost all of our badges.”

“Thats right, as long as we dont crush the signal crystal, no one would notice that we have been disqualified!” Li Xiang finally relaxed.

Soon after, he looked toward their teams only hope – Shangguan Xiao.

“Shangguan Xiao, hows the production of the antidote”

Shangguan Xiao shot him a glance and replied with a lukewarm attitude.

“I have roughly figured it out, but the medicinal ingredients that I have on hand is insufficient.

Fortunately, all the ingredients can be found in the Obscure Forest.

As long as we gather all the necessary medicinal ingredients as quickly as possible, I guarantee that I can produce the antidote in three days.”

Shangguan Xiao honestly did not wish to care for them, but he was also afraid that the group would hold him back.

“As long as Shangguan Xiao produces the antidote, we can immediately recover our strength.

With our strength, it will be easy to steal badges from the other teams.

Other than Qi Xias team that can contend against us, we could trounce the rest of them.

Furthermore, Ive received some information before we entered the Obscure Forest.

Even though there are two students from the Herbalism Division in their team, they are still first-year students and they certainly lacked the skills when compared to Shangguan Xiao.” Meng Yiheng relaxed.

Their only hope was to wait for Shangguan Xiao to be the first one to produce the antidote.

Fortunately, their situation was not too terrible.

As long as they did not crush the signal crystal, the teachers would not discover that they had lost their badges.

Shen Yanxiao sat high above on a tree branch as she held a piece of jerky in her mouth.

She looked at the chaos that Cao Xu and his team were in with great interest.

Their thoughts were not out of her expectations.

They were all top students in their respective divisions and they would never allow themselves to be eliminated from the test so early in the game.

To conceal the fact that they had already been disqualified was something that everyone would do.

However, Shen Yanxiao paid close attention to what the teacher had said before they entered the forest.

The teachers told them that as long as one member of the team of five had their badge with them, the team would retain their qualification to continue with the test.

However, once everyone lost their badges, then the team would be declared as failed.

She was curious.

Did the Saint Laurent Academy not consider the fact that the students would deliberately conceal the fact that they had lost their qualification Practically none of the teams would utilize something as passive as the signal crystal.

As long as they did not crush the signal crystal, then no one would discover that their team had lost their qualifications to stay in the test.

That contradicted with what the teacher had said about what should happen when an entire team suffered a defeat.

If they were to make judgments solely based on the signal crystals, then probably no signal crystals would be crushed in the Obscure Forest, even until the end of the test.

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