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Chapter 1404: Taotie (2)

Shen Yanxiao propped her head up and crossed her legs as she looked at the huge beast lying on the ground.

Her gaze was no different from looking at a kitten or a puppy on the ground.

This was a provocation to Taoties dignity as a holy beast!

Taotie suddenly revealed his sinister fangs and stared at Shen Yanxiao in a threatening manner, as if he was about to break open the shackles and pounce on her the very next second.

But, there was not the slightest bit of reaction on Shen Yanxiaos face.

“I advise you to save yourself the trouble.

If you had the ability to run out, I reckon we would have all died just now.

Since you cant come out, its useless to scare me, so why dont you just save your strength” Shen Yanxiao looked at Taotie, who attempted to scare her, with a helpless expression and said in a tone that could infuriate someone to death.

Taotie was clearly stunned.

He was surprised that his threat did not have much effect on the little elf in front of him.

He could not understand what was going on right now.

Shouldnt elves be scared out of their wits when they saw its appearance

Shen Yanxiao did not intend to pay anymore attention to Taotie, as she was thinking about other things.

Her entering Moonshine City could be said to have completed her objective of coming to the Moon God Continent.

She still had half a year to cultivate her source of life here.

In that amount of time, it was not difficult to break through the next two layers of the seal.

However, the problem Shen Yanxiao had to face was not as simple as the seals in her body.

Her parents were in Moonshine City!

She must save them!

As for Taotie

What was there to be afraid of!

So what if it was a holy beast

There was still a mythical beast and the number one War God of the God race living in her body.

If they were to fight, she did not believe that Taotie could eat her in front of Vermilion Bird and Xiu.

Shen Yanxiao planned to take a stroll in Moonshine City once she finished her shift with An Ran.

At the very least, she had to contact Duan Xue first.

Duan Xue was a Saintess, and she had more freedom in Moonshine City than she did.

It was the most reliable method for her to contact Duan Xue in order to inquire about Wen Ya and Shen Yu.

Shen Yanxiao quietly planned her next step, with Taotie staring at her.

For a moment, he wondered if the little elf had a screw loose in her head.

Even if he was trapped in the cage, he could still cause great harm to the elves through the shockwave of his roar.

Therefore, in Moonshine City, other than the two golden elves, which elf did not turn pale and tremble when they saw him

However, this little girl was good.

Not only did she completely ignore its threat, she even directly ignored its existence.

She just narrowed her eyes and lowered her head in front of him.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Taotie had been imprisoned in the dungeon by the elves for more than a hundred years.

During that time, he was imprisoned alone in this empty dungeon.

Only when he went berserk would elves appear in fear and trepidation.

A ferocious beast that had been quiet for more than a hundred years suddenly discovered a skinny elf in his room; this made Taotie curious.


Why did this bastard not show any reaction to it

Could you not ignore him like that!

At the very least, it was a holy beast.

Could you mind its reputation

However, no matter how Taotie glared at Shen Yanxiao or how he used his sharp claws to scratch the ground, he failed to attract her attention.

Shen Yanxiao was like an old monk in meditation, completely isolated from the outside world.

The Holy Beast Taotie, who had been lonely and cold for a long time, tried to find a sense of presence in front of her.


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