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Chapter 1409: Taotie (7)

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“Boohoo… why did you hit me… I dont even know you… If you hit me again… Boohoo… I will bite you…” Taotie sat on the ground pitifully.

While enduring Vermilion Birds beating, he raised his large sleeve to wipe his tears.

That appearance was simply too adorable.

“You dont know me!!” Vermilion Bird exploded!

“You bastard! Who is the one that caused me to end up like this! You dont even know me! Believe it or not, Ill beat you to death! And you even want to bite me! Do you think youre a dog!” Vermilion Bird could no longer express his shock.

To think he was still determined to die just a moment ago to block Taoties attack on Shen Yanxiao.

However, looking at Taoties extremely stupid appearance, he had the urge to kill him!

Holy beasts

Holy beast my ass!

He had practically embarrassed all the high-level magical beasts!

Vermilion Bird continuously kicked Taotie until he cried, while Shen Yanxiao laughed until her stomach hurt.

Taotie was so annoyed by the kicks that he actually opened his mouth and bit Vermilion Birds calf.

Fortunately, Vermilion Bird reacted fast enough so only his pants were torn.

“Youre really a dog!” Vermilion Bird glared at Taotie who had a rag in his mouth and started to wonder how he lost to this idiot.

“You are the dog! Your whole family are dogs!” Taotie looked at Vermilion Bird with tears in his eyes as he protested angrily.

Shen Yanxiao was about to collapse from laughter…

She pounded the ground without any care for her image.

“You… I wont lower myself to your level!” Vermilion Bird was helpless against this shameless idiot.

He angrily walked to Shen Yanxiaos side and sat down.

Taotie wiped the tears on his face and sat down as well.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao who was laughing uncontrollably and said in a timid tone, “Im so hungry… Do you have anything to eat”

Shen Yanxiao laughed until her tears fell.

She sat down and looked at the pitiful Taotie, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Then, she swiftly took out a pile of grain reserves from her interspatial ring.

When Taotie saw the pile of food, his eyes sparkled.

His expression was similar to a little puppy that had been starving for a long time.

Taotie stretched out his two small claws and with the speed of a gale sweeping away fallen leaves, he stuffed all the food piled up like a mountain into his mouth and swallowed it without even chewing.

Shen Yanxiao finally experienced what it meant to be a hundred rivers to the sea.

That pile of food was three times the size of Taoties human form, but in less than five minutes, not even dregs were left behind.

That speed was as savage as it could be.

Taotie, who had not had enough, even carefully licked his short white fingers without any hesitation.

After sweeping away all the food, Taotie opened his pitiful eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao, indicating that he was not full…

Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment before she forced a smile.

“I dont have anything left to eat here.”

Taotie immediately lowered his head like a disappointed puppy.

With a glimmer of hope, Taotie slowly looked up at Shen Yanxiao and said pitifully.

“Actually, I dont need food… As long as its something with elemental power, I can eat… ores, demonic cores, magical cores, weapons… tables and chairs.”

“Tables and chairs…” Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched..

This guy was honestly a foodie.

He dared to eat everything other than himself!


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