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Chapter 1413: Dignity of a Foodie (3)

In a sense, Xiu and Taotie had something in common, and that was devouring.

Xiu could devour the power of the Devil Clan to destroy it, but Taotie could absorb it bit by bit.

“He will never be full, but he can allow his strength to reach the peak.

Once he reaches the peak, he will break through the shackles of hunger and unleash his true strength.

The reason why he possesses the aura of a holy beast is also because he has absorbed a portion of the power of the Tree of Life.

However, this power is only enough for his source to reach the level of a holy beast.

If he wants to transform into a real holy beast, he will need to replenish more energy.

He is a magical beast that requires constant recharging in order to unleash its destructive power.

Once he absorbs enough power, not to mention a holy beast, he can even stand toe to toe with a legendary magical beast.” Xiu understood Taotie very well because he was the only one in the world with similar attributes as him.

However, Xius strength had reached a limit.

With the exception of the Lord God, there was no other power that could surpass him.

Therefore, he was unable to absorb the devouring power.

However, Taotie was unable to satisfy his hunger.

Moreover, the power he absorbed would be depleted at a rapid pace after one instance.

It was equivalent to an ultimate weapon that required constant recharging.

“So powerful You said that he has yet to transform into a holy beast Could it be that the power of the Tree of Life is insufficient for him to unleash the strength of a holy beast” Shen Yanxiao glanced at Taotie who buried his head in his food.

It was hard to imagine that this little foodie had the potential to contend against a legendary magical beast.

“If Taotie continued to devour more power after he swallowed a portion of the Tree of Life, then he could reach the level of a holy beast.

However, youve also heard from him that he was imprisoned by the elves after he devoured the Tree of Life.

At that time, he had yet to fully absorb the power of the Tree of Life.

After he absorbed it, he was suppressed.

And in these past hundred years, he did not eat again, which caused his growth to enter a bottleneck.

Moreover, the energy he stored in the past hundred years had been depleted.

Right now, he can at most unleash the strength of a mythical beast at its peak.

If he wants to reach the level of a true holy beast, he would require some time to accumulate.” Xiu patiently explained everything to Shen Yanxiao.


Ive been thinking of a question.

Previously, we suspected that the source of pollution was the Tree of Life.

In that case, was the Tree of Lifes withering also due to pollution The Elf King wanted Taotie to devour the withering parts.

Could it be that he already knew about the problem with the Tree of Life and wanted to use Taoties characteristics to eliminate the pollution” If that was the case, then there was a reasonable explanation for the elves trapping Taotie here.

“Thats possible.” Xiu agreed with Shen Yanxiaos conjecture.

“Do elves regard Taotie as their savior But it seems like they are using the wrong method.

Right now, I dont think Taotie would help those elves who starved him for more than a hundred years.” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin.

Taoties thoughts were simple.

If the elves used food as bait and had a good talk with him, perhaps there was still hope.

However, they had starved Taotie for more than a hundred years.

With his appetite, he would probably not help even if they beat him to death.

Shen Yanxiao fell into deep thought.

Her maternal family were elves and if possible, she did not wish for the elves to face destruction.


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