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Chapter 143: Sobs, Im Not a Thief (1)

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“Dont you think that your words are very insincere” The Vermilion Bird crouched by Shen Yanxiaos side, and his small physique formed a ball-like shape as his fair little fingers drew circles on the ground.

Which of his former masters were not powerful and famous overlords However, it seemed that Shen Yanxiao had no such similarities with them.

There were no vigorous battles, and she even liked to play dirty tricks to defeat her opponent in an effortless victory.

That was a blow to his ego.

Could she give him a chance to show off He only wanted to display his awesome power!

It was not long until the Vermilion Birds wish came true.

Shen Yanxiao looked at a certain chubby kid who was crouched under the tree as he drew evil-looking circles.

Her staring inevitably caused his hair to stand.

“What do you want…” The Vermilion Bird slightly shivered from her gaze.

Shen Yanxiaos despicable and shameless dirty tricks had left a traumatic experience that haunted him.

As he thought about how she tricked him into entering her body, the Vermilion Bird could not help but tremble at the memory.

“Dont be nervous.

I only wanted you to do a small favor for me.” She smiled as she took out a veil from her space ring.

Lin Ke crouched under the tree as sounds of bell-like laughter flooded his ears.

Four of his teammates enjoyed the hot spring while he kept watch as he was the only male student in the group.

As he looked at the neatly folded articles of clothing by his foot, it was as if he could smell the fragrance of women that emanated from them.

Lin Ke unconsciously gulped, and he fantasized about those four naked fair beauties who were frolicking in the hot springs.

He felt warm heat beneath his nose, and his hand reached out to wipe it.

Blood stained his fingers.

“…” He had a nosebleed!

‘See no evil!

Oh no!

It should have been tothink no evil!

Lin Ke wanted to cry.

He was only an ordinary swordsman, one without any strength or special reputation.

When they were asked to find a group, he did not take the initiative to join any team as he was inarticulate.

He only foolishly stood at the public plaza.

It was not until a female student from the Magus Division who came up to invite him into her team that he finally found a group.

Lin Ke did not think much of it as he was not familiar with the students from the other Divisions.

Naturally, he thought he was lucky that someone had invited him to join their group.

However, when Lin Ke met his other team members, he thought that he would cry tearlessly.

He had four gorgeous beauties as his team members.

If it were any other male student in his position, they would have probably died from a nosebleed.

Among the four beauties, one of them held the fifth rank in the Magus Division, and another was the top student in the Archer Division.

Lin Ke finished last in his division the year before that, and so even if he had evil intentions toward the ladies, he would have to think twice about that.

He could not even consider a favorable opportunity with those beautiful women.

Throughout the journey, they had treated him like a coolie.

He had to gather firewood, light a campfire, and he even had to keep watch during the night.

Only God knew how much he had endured as he gazed at the four beauties in their slumber.

One of them even talked in her sleep.

As he thought about the soft moans that stirred his bodys temperature, Lin Ke tried to weep but failed to shed a tear.

Just when Lin Ke rejoiced over his still-intact body and lamented his incomplete life, he heard a young voice nearby.

“I paved this road, and I planted this tree.

If you want to pass through here, youd have to leave your money!”

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