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Chapter 1422: Shen Yanxiaos Plan (4)

Shen Yanxiao suddenly felt a force invading her mental energy.

Moreover, it was extremely powerful, making her feel uncomfortable.

“Idiot! Stop it!” Vermilion Bird who had signed a contract with Shen Yanxiao suddenly discovered an additional power in his mind.

Only then did he realize that Taotie, who was experimenting, was incapable of controlling the power of origin.

He was no longer just experimenting, but instead, he was actually signing a contract with Shen Yanxiao!

“Wu…” Taotie did not know what he had done wrong.

Vermilion Birds scolding made him instinctively want to withdraw his origin power.

However, he discovered that his origin power had fused with Shen Yanxiao, and that he could not break it apart.

A person could only sign a contract with one magical beast.

Otherwise, their mental energy would collapse because the load they would bear would be too much.

The invasion of Taoties source made Shen Yanxiao feel as if her head was about to explode.

The tremendous pain made her fall to the ground with a pale face.

Vermilion Bird was burning with anxiety.

If this continued, Shen Yanxiaos mind would be severely damaged!

“Idiot! You will kill her! Hurry up and interrupt the contract!” Vermilion Bird roared at Taotie as if he had gone crazy.

Taotie seemed to have also realized the severity of the matter, as he tried his best to restrain himself.

However, he was not familiar with the process of signing a contract, so even if he wanted to, he could not stop.

Shen Yanxiao broke out in a cold sweat.

Vermilion Bird was about to go crazy.

Just then, Xiu suddenly came out from Shen Yanxiaos body and condensed his body in the dungeon.

Xiu pulled Shen Yanxiao into his arms and gently covered her forehead with his slender palms.

“Right now, Taotie cannot interrupt the contract and can only complete it fully.” A trace of seriousness appeared on Xius indifferent face.

No one expected that Taoties attempt would bring about such a huge problem.

Right now, Taoties origin source and Shen Yanxiaos mental energy had fused together by almost fifty percent.

If forcefully interrupted, not only would Taoties origin source be damaged, but the source left in Shen Yanxiaos mental energy would also bring about great harm to her.

Therefore, there was only one choice!

Completed the contract!

“What a joke! She cant bear the origin of two magical beasts! Theres no human in this world that can accept the origin of two magical beasts.

That would kill her!” Vermilion Bird looked angrily at Xiu.

Xiu narrowed his eyes and calmly said, “Others cant, but she can.

I will help her.

Vermilion Bird, use your mental energy to infiltrate Xiaoxiaos mind and help Taotie complete the contract.

You must use your source to protect Xiaoxiaos mind from Taotie.

I will also use my power to control Taoties power.”

The reason why Xiu dared to do so was because Shen Yanxiao herself was a special existence.

She possessed the power of seven races.

Moreover, he had also infused the power of gods into her not long ago.

Right now, Shen Yanxiaos mental energy had far exceeded every human in existence, making it not entirely impossible for her to sign a contract with two magical beasts.

However, the risk involved was too great, so Xiu had to cooperate with Vermilion Bird to ensure Shen Yanxiaos safety.

Looking at Shen Yanxiaos pale face, Xius heart could not help but sink.

He was used to Shen Yanxiao smiling like a flower all day long.

He did not want to see her in such pain.

“As long as I am here, I will never let anything happen to you,” Xiu promised in a low voice.


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