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Chapter 1432: Elf King (2)

The Elf King seemed to be accustomed to Wen Yas sarcasm, as he did not mind much.

“Youve been in the human world for too long.

Youre becoming less and less like an elf.”

Wen Ya shrugged her shoulders and said, “I am not a real elf.

You should know that already.

I have half the blood of a human in me.”

“But you also possess half the bloodline of elves.

Wen Ya, you grew up in the Moon God Continent, you belong here.” The Elf King sighed.

Wen Ya shot a glance at the Elf King.

“I remember someone personally sent me away from the Moon God Continent back then and told me that mixed-race beings are not welcome here.”

“My apologies.” The Elf Kings expression darkened.

“No need, I am merely your prisoner.” Wen Ya did not accept the Elf Kings apology.

It was hard to imagine who could be so rude to the Elf King.

“Wen Ya…” The Elf King felt helpless.

“Wen Ya, enough is enough.” With a cold expression, Fen Chu stood between the Elf King and Wen Ya.

His hand was already on the dagger on his waist.

Wen Ya sneered and raised her eyebrows as she looked at Fen Chu.

“What You want to fight me”

Fen Chu said, “If you speak to my king like that again, I dont mind teaching you the etiquette that an elf should have.”

“Elf What a joke.” Wen Ya sneered.

The atmosphere between the three sides turned sour.

It was about to explode at any moment.

Shen Yanxiao stood not far away.

Although she did not hear their conversation, the confrontation between Fen Chu and Wen Ya alarmed her.

“What does Fen Chu want!” Shen Yanxiao gnashed her teeth.

If this stiff face dared to attack her mother, she would not let him have an easy time.

“Wait and see.” Xiu sensed Shen Yanxiaos internal turmoil and immediately comforted her.

“But…” Shen Yanxiao was extremely anxious.

Wen Yas strength was not considered great, but Fen Chu was the Silvermoon Guards Chief Commander and the only golden elf other than the Elf King.

If Wen Ya were to fight against him, she would definitely suffer.

“That mixed-blood is not as weak as you think.”


Just as Shen Yanxiao was in a dilemma, Wen Ya and Fen Chu started fighting.

One tall and one short figure intertwined together in an instant, and flames of war ignited.

All the elves were shocked by what they saw!

That human could actually fight toe-to-toe with the Chief Commander of the Silvermoon Guards!

This was simply unbelievable.

Everyone knew that Fen Chu was the number one expert among the elves, and his strength was second only to the Elf King.

That female human looked weak, but she had the courage to challenge Fen Chu!

None of the elves believed that the human was Fen Chus opponent.

However, what surprised them was that Wen Ya did not fall into a disadvantageous position the moment she exchanged blows with him.

Her punches and blocks were so fast that it dazzled their eyes.

She did not give Fen Chu any chance to gain a foothold!

Shen Yanxiao looked at her mother in surprise.

She could not believe that Wen Yas strength was…

This savage!

The short exchange shocked Shen Yanxiao.

She was sure that Wen Ya was not weaker than her.

In fact…

She was stronger than her

Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly shocked.

In her impression, Wen Ya had always been a gentle and weak woman with the appearance of a virtuous wife and a loving mother.

But today, she realized that her mother was also a ruthless character that did not concede to men!


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