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Chapter 1433: Elf King (3)

Mom, does dad know that youre so powerful

Shen Yanxiao silently lit a stick of incense for her father.

“Xiu, can you help me hear the conversation between them” Seeing that Wen Ya and Fen Chu were locked in a fierce fight, Shen Yanxiao was anxious to hear some information.

She did not wish for her mother to be harmed in the slightest.

“Sure.” Xiu would grant anything Shen Yanxiao asked for.

Xiu spread his perception to Shen Yanxiao and she immediately heard Wen Yas voice.

“Fen Chu, do you honestly think that you are invincible just because you are the Chief Commander of the Silvermoon Guards” Wen Ya had the leisure to ridicule Fen Chu during the fight.

Shen Yanxiao really wanted to kneel down to this gentle yet cruel mother of hers.

Fen Chu gnashed his teeth and looked at Wen Ya.

He did not expect this mixed-blood to be so powerful!

After dozens of exchanges, he did not manage to gain any advantage from Wen Ya!

Fen Chu had never encountered such a situation.

“Assistant Fen Chu! Thats enough.” The more the Elf King looked at them, the angrier he felt.

He was helpless.

As the Elf King berated him, Fen Chu immediately pulled away from Wen Ya.

Wen Ya gracefully landed on the ground and casually patted the dust off her sleeves.

There was not the slightest trace of fatigue on her gentle, beautiful face.

“Fen Chu, let me tell you.

Other elves may be afraid of you, but I am not.

So what if you are a golden elf If I were not mixed-blood, I would have become the third golden elf in the Moon God Continent.” Wen Ya looked at Fen Chu arrogantly.

So what if he was the Silvermoon Guards Chief Commander She would not give him any face even if he was the Elf King.

In this world, other than her husband Shen Yu, only her daughter Shen Yanxiao could make Wen Ya willingly suffer.

Fen Chu looked at Wen Ya in surprise.

Fen Chu did not have much of an impression of Wen Ya.

Before she revealed her mixed-race identity, he only regarded her as an ordinary elf.

Later on, she was selected by the Elf King, and Wen Yas identity was subsequently exposed.

As a result, Fen Chu had only the slightest bit of an impression of her.

However, never in his wildest dreams did Fen Chu expect Wen Ya to be so powerful.

“Fen Chu, Wen Ya is very powerful.

She is not as simple as you think.” The Elf King sighed.

He seemed to be well aware of Wen Yas strength.

“If not for your strength, would you have dared to sneak into Moonshine City with an unconscious human Wen Ya, I have always known that you are courageous and good at hiding.

If you are willing, you can continue to stay in the Moon God Continent.

I promise that no elves will harm you.”

Wen Ya looked at the Elf King.

“You know my purpose.

If I only want to live freely, I will not come back.”

There was a trace of disappointment in the Elf Kings eyes.

“Youve said what you have to say.

Ive made up my mind.

You dont have to waste your breath.” Wen Ya was unwilling to continue with this conversation.

She had heard so much persuasion during her stay in Moonshine City.

However, there was something more important in her heart.

Her husband, Shen Yu.

“I am already married to Shen Yu.

I am a member of the Shen family for life and a ghost in death.

My current identity is an ordinary woman, not a former elf.” Her heart was like an immovable boulder.

The Elf King frowned.

Looking at the stubborn Wen Ya, he turned to Fen Chu and said.

“Fen Chu, take her back.”


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