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Chapter 1435: Wen Ya (1)

It was a quiet night.

All the elves had gone to sleep, so Moonshine City was quiet.

However, the silence was immediately broken by an earth-shocking roar!

Soon after, the ground of Moonshine City began to tremble violently, and all the elves were awakened by this sudden change.

“Its Taotie!” Shi Dan sat up from her bed in fear.

Two months had passed since the last time Taotie went berserk.

Just when all the elves thought that he would calm down for a long time, he suddenly exploded with an even more terrifying roar.

This time, Taoties roar had covered the entire Moonshine City.

The earth was shaking, and the shockwaves throughout the entire city.

Some parts of the room began to wobble, and fear began to quietly spread.

“Ill go and take a look.” Shen Yanxiao stood up with a calm expression.

“Dont go! These things will be handled by the elves of the Silvermoon Guards.

W-we just have to stay in our room.” Shi Dan hugged the quilt in front of her tightly in fear.

She had never seen Taotie before, but she had heard of how terrifying Taotie was from many elves.

It was an extremely savage magical beast.

In order to subdue it, they had lost hundreds of members of the Silvermoon Guards.

In the end, if not for the Elf King and Fen Chu joining hands, no one had the ability to take it down.

“Its nothing.

You rest first, Ill be back soon.” Shen Yanxiao comforted the frightened Shi Dan, but a trace of a smile flashed past her eyes.

Shi Dan wanted to dissuade Shen Yanxiao, but she could only look on helplessly as Shen Yanxiao left the room.

The trembling of the earth made her afraid to leave the room.

The entire Moonshine City was in a mess that night.

Taoties sudden outburst had far exceeded any other occasion in the past.

Even in the area surrounding the Tree of Life, they could still hear the magical beasts roar.

All the members of the Silvermoon Guards rushed to the dungeon at the first instance.

The commotion had even alerted Fen Chu and the Elf King.

Shen Yanxiao stood by the Tree of Life and received a report from Taotie.

The Elf King had appeared in the dungeon.

“Its time.” Shen Yanxiao licked her lips and leaped onto the tall Tree of Life.

She climbed all the way up with her hands and feet.

In a very short time, she also plucked a fruit from the Tree of Life and put it in her arms.

The next second, she leaped and walked towards the palace.

Taoties roar echoed in the skies above Moonshine City.

Shen Yanxiao ran with all her might before arriving at the palace.

Taoties rampage had attracted all the guards in Moonshine City.

The Elf King had also personally made a move, taking away all the defenses here.

Shen Yanxiao swaggered into the palace with Xius perception activated, just to search for Wen Yas aura.

Very soon, Xiu locked onto Wen Yas position, and Shen Yanxiao immediately rushed towards the direction Xiu pointed.

Under Xius guidance, Shen Yanxiao walked through the huge palace as if it was a plain.

She was not confused in the slightest, as she dashed towards the tightly shut door.

It was an exquisite door.

There was a palm-sized precision heavy lock on the door.

This kind of heavy lock condensed all the wisdom of elves, and it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to unlock it without a key.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Unlocking a lock was an extremely simple task for a thief.

In front of the lock, she unhurriedly took out two wires from her interspatial ring.

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