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Chapter 1440: Causing a Havoc (3)

Just as all the elves were solemnly waiting, a strange scene suddenly appeared before their eyes.

Taotie, who was suppressed in the cage, suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The chains that were tied to Taotie earlier instantly lost all support and fell to the ground with a clinking sound.

“What… happened” The elves were completely dumbstruck.

How could Taotie disappear from the huge cage

“Ive seen a ghost! Where did Taotie go” Many elves subconsciously rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were hallucinating due to nervousness.

A huge beast had disappeared right before their eyes!

All the roars disappeared in an instant.

In the noisy dungeon, there was dead silence.

“Where did Taotie go” Fen Chus complexion turned deathly pale.

He no longer cared about anything else and was the first to rush into the cage.

On the ground, the indentations caused by Taoties stomp were still there, and the chains were intact.

Everything was still the same as before.

It was just that Taotie had disappeared!

“Damn it! Immediately have the Silvermoon Guards search the entire city! We must find Taotie!” Fen Chu gnashed his teeth and said.

He immediately returned to the Elf Kings side.

“My king, its not safe here.

Please return to the palace.”

The Elf King frowned and slowly shook his head.

“You are not Taoties opponent.

I will go with you.” Even the calm Elf King could not help but be shocked by what he saw.

With the magical beast disappearing right before their eyes, no one could digest such a scene.

“I know that after a magical beast signs a contract with a human, it can be directly summoned back into their body.

However, Taotie did not sign a contract with any human.

Moreover, during his period of imprisonment, he did not have any contact with any human.

How could this be” The Elf King frowned.

He was not as flustered as the other elves as he calmly pondered over the reason for Taoties disappearance.

All the clues pointed to the contract between a magical beast and a human.

However, this should not have happened to Taotie.

None of the nine sons of the Dragon God were close to humans.

Taotie had eaten many humans in the Brilliance Continent.

It could be said that the detested reputation of Taotie had already spread throughout the human world.

Even greedy humans would not be willing to sign a contract with such a dangerous magical beast.

Furthermore, this was the Moon God Continent.

Taotie should not have the opportunity to approach any humans.

“My king, could it be…” Fen Chu looked at the Elf King and hesitated to speak.

The Elf King immediately shook his head.

“It cant be her.

She has been detained in the palace.

If I am not in the palace, she would be locked in her room with seven layers of locks.

She would never open the door from the inside.” The Elf King understood what Fen Chu was implying.

In the entire Moonshine City, only Wen Ya was a human, so only she could sign a contract with Taotie.

However, the Elf King was certain that he had kept a tight watch on Wen Ya.

It was impossible for her to escape and even signed a contract with Taotie.

If the Elf King knew that the seven layers of locks he was so proud of could not even last ten minutes under Shen Yanxiao, what would he think

“In any case, Taotie should still be in Moonshine City.

Go and find him at once.

Do not let him escape!”

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