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Chapter 1447: Savage Father and Mother (2)

The fighting strength of any dragon was comparable to a high-level magical beast and that was taking into account only the lowest grade of earth dragons.

As for sky dragons that possessed wings and could soar in the skies, all of them were mythical-level demon beasts!

For sky dragons, the number of wings they had represented their strength.

Two-winged white dragon, four-winged red dragon, six-winged silver dragon, and an eight-winged golden dragon!

The fighting strength of a six-winged silver dragon was comparable to a holy beast.

Even if Taotie recovered his peak fighting strength, he might not be its opponent.

As for an eight-winged golden dragon, it was a powerful dragon that only appeared in legends.

It was said that it could easily crush a legendary magical beast!

Shen Yanxiao went through her inner thoughts as she was still in a daze.

It seemed like her parents were not to be trifled with!

No wonder her mother dared to smuggle her way into Moonshine City alone!


Too savage!

“Long Shi is the name of that six-winged silver dragon.

Although he has signed a contract with your father, he does not stay by your fathers side all the time.

Most of the time, he stays in the territory of the Dragon race.

Back then, when we were attacked, Long Shi was far away on the island of the Dragon race.

After getting severely injured, I snuck into the Moon God Continent with your father.

Even though I tried to contact him, your father was in a coma, so I could not get to him.

Now that I think about it, your father must have contacted Long Shi after he woke up, and that Long Shi must have come and taken him away.” Wen Ya did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Her husband, whom she had been yearning for, had been rescued without her knowing

Shen Yanxiao blinked.

“Then why didnt Long Shi save Mother”

Wen Ya glanced at the Elf King.

The Elf King forced a smile and said, “When I imprisoned your mother in my palace, even though that six-winged silver dragon attempted to search for her, I had completely concealed her aura.

Moreover, even though he is a six-winged silver dragon, he did not dare to cause trouble in my Moonshine City.

After all, the elves and the dragons have a peace treaty with each other.

If he were to go too far, it might lead to a war between the two races.”

Ever since the war between the gods and devils, the surviving races had lost their former alliance with each other as time went by.

There were endless disputes between them, and they had divided their territories among themselves.

To solve that, they used peace treaties as a way to maintain the current peace.

Without the support of the God race, the various races in the world had become enemies.

If not for the restrictions and suppression from the leaders of the many races, the war between the various races would have continued on after the war between the gods and devils ended.

“Youre not lying to me, are you” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and looked at the Elf King as she pondered over the credibility of his words.

The Elf King smiled and said, “I believe Xiaoya would not stand on my side to deceive you.

Furthermore, before that, I did not know that Shen Yu was related to the Dragon race.”

Wen Ya nodded.

She was sure that not many people knew about the relationship between Shen Yu and the six-winged silver dragon, let alone the Elf King.

“But Third Uncle said that fathers injuries must be cured with the seed of Purple Night.” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She was about to reunite with her family, but who knew that such a change would happen

“The Dragon race has many secret techniques.

I believe that since Long Shi dared to take your father away, he must have a method to cure him.

Even if it cannot be completely cured, it can at least prevent further deterioration of his injuries.” Knowing that her husband was safe, Wen Ya felt relieved.

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