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Chapter 1454: Rebirth of the Devil God (2)

Seeing that his attacks were ineffective, Xiu no longer wasted his strength.

He stared at the phantom in the sky.

Evidently, Satan had shifted his soul when he rushed out of the Tree of Life.

What stood before him was merely a shadow left behind by Satan.

It was a provocation and also revenge!

“The God race is dead.

Now is the time for my Devil race to dominate the world.

One day, the devil army will reappear in the world.

Asura, the former War God, Id like to see what can stop the armored horses of my Devil race after weve destroyed the God race! Everything in this world will fall into my hands!” Satans laughter was like a nightmare that struck the death knell.

No one expected that after ten thousand years, the Devil race would reappear in the world.

“As long as I am alive, the Devil race will never be crowned as the king.” Xiu suddenly stood in mid-air and looked at Satans silhouette.

“Alive Asura, you sacrificed yourself to devour me back then, but now, you only have a wisp of soul floating around the world.

I am about to be reborn, while you will forever be a wisp of soul.

You are no longer my opponent!” Satan smiled.

After sleeping for thousands of years, the recovery of his soul had filled him with strength.

“Taotie, Vermilion Bird, immediately sense the real location of Satans soul!” While Shen Yanxiao was shocked, her mind was exceptionally clear.

She immediately ordered Vermilion Bird and Taotie to lock onto Satans location.

Satan, the king of the devils.

He was the commander of the devil army that had invaded the continent.

He was synonymous with the devil and the representative of the god of death.

During the war between gods and devils tens of millions of years ago, numerous elites of various races had died tragically in Satans hands.

If not for the appearance of the War God Asura, the world would have probably been ruled by the Devil race.

“I am about to be reborn!” Satans phantom gradually disappeared from everyones line of sight, leaving behind those frightening words.

The Devil God was reborn!

As Satans phantom disappeared, the black mist gradually dissipated.

The Tree of Life that had raised elves for millions of years had been blown up, leaving only a broken tree stump.

“Satan…” The Elf Kings strength had been depleted.

As the Elf King, every generation of the Elf King would connect their source of life to the Tree of Life when they were appointed.

As long as the Tree of Life existed, they would live.

If the Tree of Life died, they would die.

Never in his wildest dreams did the Elf King expect that Satan, the Devil God, lived in the depths of the Tree of Life.

He finally understood why the Tree of Life had undergone a strange change not long after the war between gods and devils ended.

Unknowingly, Satan had become the Tree of Lifes parasite.

As one of the most powerful existences in the world, the Tree of Life possessed powerful healing abilities.

Satan had always resided in the Tree of Life, and his damaged soul had been greatly restored after Xiu had devoured it!

His actions had brought about destruction of the elves.

The Devil God was reborn, and the elves were his first victim.

With the Tree of Life destroyed, the elves would gradually perish.

“Xiu, hes Satan” Looking at the destroyed Tree of Life, Shen Yanxiaos heart could not help but ache.

Xius expression turned deep.

He turned to Shen Yanxiao and raised his hand to stroke her face.

“He is Satan.” Back then, Xiu devoured Satans soul and his body before sealing himself in ice.

He wanted to use his soul to completely destroy the Devil God.

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