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Chapter 1458: Phantom Reunion (1)

“Wow! Look! There are so many elves!!” Tang Nazhi pointed to the guards of the Moonlight Coast and cried out in excitement.

“Is he your friend” Yang Xi shot a glance at Tang Nazhi who was acting like a dimwit.

He then pretended to be surprised as he asked Qi Xia.

Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders and said, “I thought he was your friend.”

“Ah Yu, you know him” Yang Xi asked Yan Yu again, and Yan Yu cooperatively shook his head.

Li Xiaowei silently turned his face away, indicating that he had nothing to do with that idiot.

“Hey! Can you not be so shameless!” Tang Nazhi angrily looked at his four comrades who were trying their best to cut ties with him.

“Say, Tang Nazhi, its fine if you lose face in the Brilliance Continent, but dont you feel sorry for the Human race for rushing to lose their reputation in the land of elves” Qi Xia crossed his arms and looked at the furious Tang Nazhi with a smile.

“How am I embarrassing” Tang Nazhi frowned.

“Your existence itself is already very embarrassing.” Yang Xi impolitely attacked Tang Nazhi.

“Yang Xi, I want to fight you one on one!”

“A swordsman against a paladin Lets see who is more durable.” Yan Yu raised his brow.

“No, it should be a Great Swordsman fighting against a Great Dragon Knight.” Li Xiaowei stepped out to correct her.

In less than a year, the five of them had grown rapidly.

Right now, all of them were Advanced Professionals.

“A Great Dragon Knight Get yourself a dragon before you talk!” Tang Nazhi snorted.

Even though Yang Xi had become a Great Dragon Knight, there were no dragons for him to ride.

“Are you discriminating against my Azure Dragon” Yang Xi had already revealed his sword.

“…” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

The elves in the coastal areas were not affected by the Tree of Life as they were far away from Moonshine City.

They merely widened their eyes and looked at the five outstanding human youths in front of them as they rubbed their palms and prepared to spectate their fight.

They were stationed at the Moonlight Coast, so they were the elves who had the most dealings with humans.

They had interacted with many humans.

The humans they met ranged from tall, short, fat, and thin.

However, there were only a few that were as outstanding as the five youths before them.


Werent they good friends Why were they about to start a fight

It was hard for the elves to understand the way humans interacted.

“Alright, look at how cocky you are.

We are not here to watch you two bicker.

We have other things to do.” Yan Yu looked at Tang Nazhi and Yang Xi helplessly and timely reminded them of their objective.

“Oh right, we still have things to do!” Tang Nazhi immediately retracted his fighting posture and scratched his head.

He looked at the endless green land in front of him and said,” I wonder where Xiaoxiao is right now.”

“Perhaps we can ask the elves” Qi Xia asked.

With that said, the five friends immediately acted as if nothing had happened and eagerly went to seek help from the elves.

The elves looked at them as if they were looking at five monsters.

Werent they going to fight to the death just a moment ago Why did their relationship suddenly become so good

“Excuse me, do you know where an elf named Yan Xiao is” The kindest Yan Yu went up and asked.

The elves looked at each other in dismay.

They were unfamiliar with that word.

Just when the Phantom thought that they would not get an answer, a slender figure walked out from among the elves, and on his chest hung a black badge and the badge of the Qingyuan Tribe.

“Are you referring to an underage elf”

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