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Chapter 1460: Phantom Reunion (3)

“Hey, hey! Dont make us look at such an explosive scene the moment we arrive.” Yang Xi facepalmed.

If Shen Yanxiao was not an easy girl to recognize, they would not have believed that the one hugging a man was their little girl!

This girl was too young for this kind of promiscuous stuff!

Moreover, it was only her fifteenth birthday today!

She was still a loli, alright!

“Dont stop me, Im going down to kill that beast of a man!” Tang Nazhi rolled up his sleeves and glared at Xius back as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

He must be beaten to death for daring to harm their little girl!

Shen Yanxiao looked up at those five familiar faces, her eyes filled with pleasant surprise.

“Youre here” Shen Yanxiao did not notice the horrified expression on their faces as she smiled and said.

“Qilin, let us down.” Qi Xia gently patted Qilins back.

Qilin and Azure Dragon immediately flew down, letting Qi Xia and the rest land on the ground.

“Xiaoxiao, step aside first.

I dont want blood to splatter on your face.” Tang Nazhi clenched his fist until knuckles cracked.

“Ah” For a moment, Shen Yanxiao did not understand what was going on.

Why did her five friends, whom she had not seen for months, look like they were about to kill someone

Yan Yu pulled Shen Yanxiao away from Xiu while the remaining four surrounded the indifferent Xiu.

“Wait! What are you doing” Shen Yanxiao was struck dumb.

What was going on

“Be obedient, Ill deal with you later!” Tang Nazhi snorted at Shen Yanxiao.

“…” Shen Yanxiao felt that Tang Nazhis courage must have increased explosively after half a year.

Tang Nazhi turned his head and prepared to join hands with his friends to give this beast of a man a good beating.

However, something strange happened.

Qi Xia, Yang Xi and Li Xiaowei were stunned on the spot, and they had no intention of attacking.

Tang Nazhi looked up in doubt and was stunned.

“G-Gold…” Tang Nazhi stuttered as he stared at those golden eyes that were as dazzling as the sun.

Golden eyes.

They were eyes that only the God race possessed!

“Wait, if I remember correctly, didnt the God race already…” Li Xiaowei looked at his comrade and secretly made a throat-slitting gesture.

“At least, thats what my grandfather told me.” Yang Xi nodded.

Qi Xia narrowed his eyes and looked at the man who was not inferior to the five of them and suspected to be from the God race.

In all fairness, Xius appearance was enough to defeat the five of them, and his temperament was something they could not compare to.

This was an aura that could only be accumulated over many years: the aura of a ruler soaked in bloody battles.

Even though Qi Xia and the rest were outstanding, they were still young and their experiences were limited.

What they possessed was the excellence of a prodigy, but not the foundation that had been accumulated over time.

“You are from the God race” Qi Xia asked.

Xiu raised his eyes and looked at Qi Xia.

He was no stranger to the five youths from Phantom.

They treated Shen Yanxiao well and were her comrades that fought alongside her.

Perhaps it was his love for Shen Yanxiao, Xiu answered their questions.


Even though they already had the guess in their heads, the Five Beasts still gasped when they heard Xius response!

The God race!

The God race that had been extinct for nearly ten thousand years!

There was actually someone alive from that race This was simply unbelievable!

“Whats your relationship with Xiaoxiao” Qi Xia forcefully suppressed his internal shock and calmly asked.

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