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Chapter 1461: Phantom Reunion (4)

“…” Before Xiu could answer, Shen Yanxiao blushed.

When the five beasts saw Shen Yanxiaos rarely seen shy expression, they instantly felt the urge to die.

Alright, they felt that they had asked an extremely idiotic question!

Even a bully like Shen Yanxiao was shy.

Was it going to rain

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao, and the coldness in his eyes faded as he slowly said, “Xiaoxiao is my fiancée.”

The Five Beasts could no longer remain calm.

“Fiancee You… even if youre from the God race, you shouldnt have laid your hands on an underaged little girl, right Dont you think youre being too immoral” Tang Nazhi looked at Xiu.

Even though he had to admit that Xiu was the most outstanding man he had ever met, but…

No matter how he thought about it, it was utterly unethical to attack a loli!

“I can wait for her to grow up.” Xiu calmly said.

“Then you can wait for her to grow up before you…” Tang Nazhi gestured towards the end of the hug.

He felt that the scene was too cruel.

He could not bear to look at it.

“Nazhi.” Shen Yanxiao suddenly spoke.


“I took the initiative to hug him…” Shen Yanxiao felt the need to declare that she was the one that took the initiative.

“…” Tang Nazhi wanted to cry.

When did their pure little girl become so shameless

“Cough, may I know your name” Qi Xia was the calmest.

They would not object to Shen Yanxiao getting close to men, but… they had always regarded Shen Yanxiao as their little sister who they doted on in all sorts of ways.

Right now, their little sister that had yet to reach adulthood had been snatched away by someone else.

This feeling was really infuriating!

In another three to four years, they would probably start looking for outstanding men for their little sister.

But now…

Absolutely unacceptable!!

“Asura.” Xiu cooperated.

“Ah… Asura” At that moment, a crack appeared on Qi Xias calm expression.

Legend has it that during the last battle between gods and devils, the commander-in-chief of the Devil race, the Devil God, led the army of the Devil race to launch the final attack.

The armies of the seven races were forced to retreat in defeat under the Devil races attack.

Countless experts from various races died tragically in the hands of the Devil God.

Just as they were in despair, the War God of the God race descended from the sky and engaged in an intense battle with the Devil God.

In the end, he devoured the Devil God and sealed himself, thus determining the final victory of the war between gods and devils.

The War Gods name had always been praised by various races.

And his name was Asura!

“I-I have to take my time.” Yang Xi covered his chest, as he felt that the amount of information flowing into his head was too much.

He was about to collapse.

When Li Xiaowei looked at Xiu, his vigilance turned into absolute admiration.

His teacher had the bloodline of the Devil race, so he knew the details of the war between the gods and devils very well.

Li Xiaowei grew up listening to stories of the war between the gods and devils.

It could be said that he had great admiration for the War God, Asura!

Yan Yu looked at Shen Yanxiao in silence.

Other than shock, there was also praise in his eyes.

He had always known that Shen Yanxiao was savage.

Whether in terms of ability or strength, she could crush everyone.


Did she have to be so cruel to find such a man

Forget about finding a god that had gone extinct for thousands of years!

She had even found the War God of the God race!

God knows that the War God Asura was worshipped by all seven races!

Was it really okay to bring home such an idol

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