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Chapter 1462: Phantom Reunion (5)

At the start, the Five Beasts believed that Xiu was the culprit behind their relationship.

However, after Xius identity was exposed, they immediately felt that…

With Shen Yanxiaos personality, she must have tricked the War God into her hands!!

Savage! Too savage!

Not only was she good at stealing, but she was also good at stealing hearts.

Was she trying to defy the heavens

“Xiaoxiao, youre the best!” Tang Nazhi turned around and gave Shen Yanxiao a thumbs up!

There was probably no man in the entire world who could compete with the War God Asura!

Hes absolutely the number one in the world, alright!

“Thats enough.” Shen Yanxiao touched her nose.

She honestly felt that once she was with the five of them, her moral principles would disappear.

“Cough, Asura, are you serious about Xiaoxiao” While Qi Xia was immensely shocked, he still had the conscience to pay attention to Shen Yanxiaos marriage.

“You can call me Xiu,” Xiu said.

“Im serious.”

In Xius mind, he would never do anything that was not necessary.

To him, to toy with womens feelings was no different from killing defenseless women and children.

It was meaningless, and he disdained it.

“I hope you remember what you said today.

Even though you are the War God and we are only humans, if you dare to bully Xiaoxiao in the future, the five of us will kill you even if we have to kill ourselves!” Qi Xia took a deep breath.

At that moment, he represented Shen Yanxiaos family and friends.

He had to secure her future.

“That day will never come,” Xiu said with confidence.

Only then did the five members of Phantom relax.

However, the moment they relaxed, they felt weak.

Confronting the War God was not something humans like them should do.

Even though Xiu had deliberately restrained his aura, the domineering aura that radiated from his bones had already caused the Five Beasts to feel overwhelmed.

Qi Xia and the rest were young heroes, but Xiu was an absolute king with ten thousand years of accumulated strength.

The difference between the two was too huge!

It had to be known that back then, Xiu merely revealed a trace of his might in front of the two Phoenixes and just that was already enough to make them surrender immediately.

That kind of domineering aura was not something ordinary people could possess.

For Qi Xia and the rest to be able to confront Xiu until now and even threaten him after knowing his identity, this was absolutely a test of courage and will.

Shen Yanxiao looked at her friends helplessly.

She was touched by their show of concern, but…

“Why are the five of you here” Shen Yanxiao walked to Xius side and looked at the pale Qi Xia.

“Sigh, is it not for a certain heartless girl.

We came all the way here to celebrate your birthday, but you only care about your man.

Im so hurt.” Tang Nazhi covered his chest and revealed ansad expression.

However, the authenticity of that expression still had to be considered.

“Err, today is my birthday” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She had forgotten about that.

“I knew you wouldnt remember.

Weve even prepared a gift.

Let me make it clear first.

We specially came to the Moon God Continent to find you.

As the host, you have to treat us to a big meal.

Otherwise, we wont give you this gift.” Qi Xia smiled and looked at Shen Yanxiao as he waved the interspatial ring in his hand.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and turned to the Elf King.

“Elf King, may I trouble you to prepare a meal for these gluttons”

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