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Chapter 1468: Return of the Lord

The changes that happened in the Forsaken Land for the past a year and a half had shocked the entire Brilliance Continent.

No one expected that the restricted area had become a place where humans could live.

In a short span of a year, the talk about the Forsaken changed from mere mention to yearning.

There was a legend in the Brilliance Continent that a certain area in the Forsaken Land was a paradise for humans, and there, demons would never attack humans.

More and more merchants chose to enter the Forsaken Land to develop their businesses.

More and more people yearned to relocate to the Forsaken Land to live there.

There were no taxes or oppression there.

The stability and potential wealth had aroused the interest of many.

However, once that happened, the Forsaken Land also started its own screening process.

“Boss, another group of people wants to apply to move in.

Take a look.” Evil Wolf and Magic Wolf carried a huge pile of applications and walked to Du Lang before they placed down the documents.

Du Lang sat in front of the desk and looked at the pile of applications, feeling a headache coming soon.

“As per the old rules, call Sleep Wolf and the rest over to see if there are any talents that can stay.

Also, our attitude towards the Blue Moon Dynasty will never change.

Do not recruit any residents from that side.” In the past year, more and more cities had been developed with Sun Never Sets as the centerpiece.

A large number of people had flooded in, but a large number of them were slaves rescued from the Scar of Oblivion.

Even though people from other countries had the same thoughts, Du Lang and the rest would have a strict screening process.

The Forsaken Land could be said to be Shen Yanxiaos private property.

All the finalists would be restricted from their original nationality, but even so, there were still many people who wanted to settle the score.

Du Lang and the rest were doing a lot of paperwork every day.

Compared to worry-less slaves, people from other countries would come with some motives.

Since Du Lang was responsible for this, he had to be strict with his standard.

Not only did they have to investigate the background of the applicants, but they also had to assess their personal abilities.

Sun Never Sets was no longer the Sun Never Sets of the past.

At this moment, it had become very powerful.

If too many mediocre people were to enter, they would only be a burden to the surrounding cities.

What they wanted was elites and talents!

“Speaking of which, Third Young Master and the rest have been in the Moon God Continent for quite some time.

I wonder when they will return.” Evil Wolf thought as he reviewed the application.

“The City Lord should be returning soon,” Magic Wolf looked up and said.

“You have to call her Lord now.” Du Lang laughed.

Shen Yanxiao already owned half of the Forsaken Land.

Just like how the demons were addressing her, she had become a real lord!

In the Forsaken Land, all the cities under Shen Yanxiaos name had been obtained by Qi Xia and the others from the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire through some negotiation.

It could be said that the Forsaken Land had become Shen Yanxiaos property.

She had left the control of the Longxuan Empire and became an independent area.

Just like the God Realm.

“Hehe, thats right! Lord!” Evil Wolf laughed foolishly.

“Leader!!” Just as they were conversing, Wild Wolf hastily ran in.

“Ive received news from the Third Young Master! Quick, take a look!” Wild Wolf panted as he ran to Du Lang before stuffing a small piece of paper into Du Lans hands.

Du Lang took a quick glance and suddenly stood up!

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