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Chapter 1469: Lords Return (2)

Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage and looked at the Forsaken Land that had changed completely.

The once dilapidated scene no longer existed.

New cities were erected in this restricted area.

On the paved road, many carriages frequently entered and left various cities.

Many humans were gathered at the city gates, preparing to enter the city.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised to discover that there were a few low-ranked demons with their arms around their backs in the crowd.

The appearance of those demons did not cause any panic.

Instead, there were many humans who would communicate with those demons.

Evidently, the relationship between humans and demons had undergone a huge change in the Forsaken Land.

From former hostility to the current peaceful coexistence!

“Well be there soon.” Qi Xia leaned against the carriage with his hands behind his back and looked at Shen Yanxiaos fixed gaze with a smile.

“How did you do it” Shen Yanxiao looked at the Forsaken Land that was filled with vitality, feeling as if she was in a dream.

“Its not us, its you,” Qi Xia said.

“Me” Shen Yanxiao looked at Qi Xia in doubt.

She had not been in the Brilliance Continent for some time.

“You have given us a good foundation.

You have changed the attitude of demons towards humans.

With Sun Never Sets as a symbol, the people here slowly accepted the existence of demons.” Qi Xia smiled.

They had only expanded the foundation Shen Yanxiao had left behind.

She was the one who had laid the foundation.

If Shen Yanxiao had not subdued the demons and given them a stable life and a constant stream of food, they would never have been able to accomplish this feat in such a short time.

She was the one who resolved the demons appetite for humans and indirectly changed their attitude towards humans.

Without the demons help, they could only rebuild a single city.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose.

She honestly did not know that what she left behind would have such a huge effect.

“Right now, humans and demons coexist in every city.

We planted those three plants in every city, and the demons enjoy it,” Qi Xia said.

Every city looked so peaceful, and every city wall was so tall and sturdy.

Artillery that had been modified were mounted on the wall, making it look unstoppable.

It had become a small country.

Be it the living environment or their military forces, it was no weaker than any country in the Brilliance Continent.

It was to the extent that every single resident here enjoyed treatment that far exceeded any other country!

The Phantom Auction House had expanded to dozens of shops.

They had established branches in several mid-scale cities and large-scale cities.

The most valuable items from the Forsaken Land were auctioned off there, and all of this accumulated a huge amount of wealth for Shen Yanxiao.

Even if Shen Yanxiao were to just retire, she could eat for the rest of her life.

It could be said that Shen Yanxiaos current wealth had reached the point where she had too much money to spend!

With this much economic support, the construction of more than fifty cities was done according to the highest standards.

The city walls, buildings, and defenses were all to the best designs.

Any one of them would cause those high-ranked officials in the capital to be ashamed when compared to the other four countries.

In the cities under Shen Yanxiaos jurisdiction, there were no poor people nor beggars.

Everyone had ample food and clothing.

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