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Chapter 1474: Number One City in the Brilliance Continent (4)

“Pfft…” Freud, who was standing on one side, was amused by this little demon.

“Im sorry, Im sorry!” The little demon stood up in a hurry.

She was so nervous that she did not know where to put ers hands and feet.

“Hahaha, Xiaoxiao, youre too funny!” Freud laughed out loud without any moral principles.

Shen Yanxiao raised her brow.


Wasnt she the little demon in Evil Wolfs family

“President…” Xiaoxiao looked at Freud plaintively.

“Haha, Ill stop teasing you.

Go and call for the other demons in the guild.

Its time for them to get to know our lord,” Freud smiled and said.

Xiaoxiao nodded and ran to call for demons.

Freud led Shen Yanxiao to the back hall and consciously gave her the position of president.

“How is the situation during this period” Shen Yanxiao looked at Freud and asked.

Even though Freud looked like a young man, he knew his limits.

It could be said that he was the best among the demons in the Forsaken Land.

“Theyre all pretty good.

Weve already set up branches of the Demons Guild in all five main cities.

As for the other mid-scale cities, they have also set up mission stations.

Once the traffic of people increases, we can finally have some decent missions to take on.

If its still the same as before, I reckon those belligerent demons will go crazy.” Freud casually sat opposite Shen Yanxiao.

He held no fear for Shen Yanxiao, but he did have some admiration for her.

“Thats good.

For the time being, dont let those demons who have just broken through to become advanced-ranked demons join in on any dangerous missions.

Let them follow the other advanced-ranked demons and learn from them.” Shen Yanxiao could not help but recall Xiaoxiaos adorable appearance.

“Yes.” Freud nodded.

Not long later, a large group of advanced-ranked demons was brought over by Xiaoxiao.

Among them were some familiar faces, but most of them were new faces.

Those advanced-ranked demons that joined Shen Yanxiao after she left were usually arrogant and lawless.

However, there was always a tall and mighty figure suppressing them in their hearts.

That was Shen Yanxiao.

After they joined the Sun Never Sets, they would hear from other advanced-ranked demons about their Lords savage achievements almost every day.

Something about challenging the Overlord of Oriental City and leading a team to Fantasy Devil City to demonstrate…

It could be said that ever since they joined Sun Never Sets, they had spent every day basking in Shen Yanxiaos glorious achievements.

Most of them were curious about this Lord, and there were also many demons who were also unconvinced.

However, those demons who were unconvinced had become as obedient as turtles after Freud ravaged them a hundred times.

Pairs of purple eyes stared at Shen Yanxiao.

At this sight, Shen Yanxiao was not nervous at all.

Her eyes swept across the demons before her, and her expression remained as calm as water.

“Jia Lan, Jia He, and the others are still out on a mission while Enchantress is following Du Lang to make other arrangements.

Tian Qiu and the others have been allocated to the other main cities to assume the position of branch president.

Since the new demons would not know the rules, I have scattered the original members of the Demons Guild to various locations so that they can lead the new demons.” Freud seemed to be sloppy, but he was actually very prudent in his actions.

The demons under Shen Yanxiao had already begun to take shape under Freuds control.

“Cough, we have yet to pull back the things Lord Xiu has tasked us with, but I believe our current fighting strength is not inferior to any army!”

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