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Chapter 1478: The Calm Before the Storm (3)

The Sage sneered and said, “Why not You may not know this, but Shen Yanxiaos success in the Forsaken Land is all because she has allied with the demons!”

“Demons” The Emperor was speechless.

He had heard about the peaceful coexistence between demons and humans in the Forsaken Land, but he had always regarded it as a joke.

Unexpectedly, it was true!

What method did Shen Yanxiao use to coexist with demons

“Demons are the scourge of the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao is a human, but she colluded with demons and used their power to invade human territory.

She deserves punishment! It is everyones duty to fight against demons in the Brilliance Continent.

I believe the rulers of the other three countries will understand that.

Moreover, if you can eradicate Shen Yanxiao, then the territory she occupied in the Forsaken Land will naturally belong to your countries.” The Sage toyed with threats and bribery.

The Emperors expression also turned greedy!

Majority of the cities Shen Yanxiao had reclaimed in the Forsaken Land belonged to the Longxuan Empire!

If he killed Shen Yanxiao, wouldnt all those cities belong to him

It did not require much time to obtain reclaimed land.

This was definitely a fatal temptation!

“Of course! Those who collude with the demons shall be killed without mercy.

The Longxuan Empire will certainly send troops to assist!” The Emperor hastily made his stance clear.

He believed that the rulers of the other three countries would make the same choice as him.

If they could take away the foundation Shen Yanxiao built for nothing, why not

“In that case, I hope to see the Longxuan Empires army appearing at the border of the Forsaken Land in half a months time.” After obtaining a satisfactory answer, the Sage finally revealed a smile.

“Definitely!” the Emperor said.

The people from the Broken Star Palace completed their mission and left the palace without any hesitation.

The Emperor heaved a sigh of relief as he watched the Sages leave.

He then immediately said to the guard, “Invite the State Teacher here.”

A moment later, Pei Yuan arrived at the main hall and the Emperor immediately ordered everyone to leave.

Only the Emperor and Pei Yuan remained in the huge hall.

“The Broken Star Palace intends for us to send troops to eradicate Shen Yanxiaos strength in the Forsaken Land.

They have also promised to hand over all the cities in the eastern region for us to manage.

State Teacher, do you think this deal is worthwhile” The Emperor narrowed his eyes as greed and cautiousness flowed past his eyes.

Pei Yuan frowned.

Ever since he returned from Sun Never Sets, he had not set foot in the Forsaken Land.

Even though he was detained in Sun Never Sets by Shen Yanxiao, she was still polite to them.

Moreover, Pei Yuan had a deep impression that she was not a simple character.

“The Emperor intends to agree to the Broken Star Palaces request” Pei Yuan did not agree, but he could tell that the temptation of the cities in the Forsaken Land was too great for the Emperor.

“Why not The Longxuan Empire is not the only one sending out troops.

Since the other three countries would be also accepting the invitation, why dont we have a share of the pie State Teacher, do you have any suitable candidates in mind that can be responsible for this mission I dont wish to lose face in front of the Broken Star Palace.” The Emperor touched his chin and the smile on his face became increasingly complacent when he thought of the cities he was about to obtain.

Shen Yanxiao, oh Shen Yanxiao.

Why did you have to offend the Broken Star Palace

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