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Chapter 1479: The Calm Before the Storm (4)

There was a road to heaven, but you did not take it.

Instead, you barged into hell!

Pei Yuan revealed a difficult expression.

“I wonder what kind of person the Emperor requires to lead the army”

The Emperor said, “Find a capable general to lead the team.

Oh right, bring Long Yue with you.

That kid must have been unconvinced when he was detained in Sun Never Sets by Shen Yanxiao.

We can let him vent his anger and at the same time, leave a good impression in front of those people from the Broken Star Palace.”

The Emperor was over the moon.

Pei Yuan could only smile bitterly in his heart.

Asking Long Yue to eliminate Shen Yanxiao

Others might not know, but Pei Yuan knew that even though Prince Long Yue had returned from Sun Never Sets, his heart was still there.

However, Pei Yuan could not tell the Emperor everything.

The Emperor was hostile towards Shen Yanxiao and if he were to tell her the truth, it would only make things worse.

Pei Yuan could only sigh internally and follow the Emperors orders.

But deep down, he hoped that the smart and steady little kid could escape this calamity.


The armies of the four countries could not even withstand the demon army, let alone Shen Yanxiao.

“Alas.” Pei Yuan left the hall with a heart full of worries, leaving the Emperor alone to fantasize about his beautiful dreams.

The Sages who left the Longxuan Empires palace boarded a carriage.

After the mission was completed, they would return to the Broken Star Palace to inform the Palace Master of the situation.

“Why doesnt the Palace Master allow us to do it ourselves Why do we have to rely on those pieces of trash Even if Shen Yanxiao has three heads and six arms, could she possibly withstand our Broken Star Palaces full strength” One of the Sages could not understand why the Palace Master incited the four countries to join hands to deal with Shen Yanxiao.

In his opinion, no matter how strong Shen Yanxiao was, she was still a little kid that had yet to reach adulthood.

It was not difficult for the Broken Star Palace to get two Sages to eliminate her.

The oldest Sage shook his head and said, “You make it sound so easy.

Do you know how powerful Shen Yanxiao is in the Forsaken Land Even if we have the ability to eliminate her, we will have to pay a huge price.

Instead of that, why dont we use someone else to kill her Since that little girl is unpopular and has colluded with demons, we can let those people deal with her.

Why should we waste our energy”

Perhaps it was not a crime to invade a city, but colluding with demons was a serious crime in the Brilliance Continent!

As long as they spread the news of Shen Yanxiao colluding with demons, it would immediately incur the dissatisfaction and protest of many humans.

In that case, the alliance between the four countries would also have a good reason.

“Palace Master is indeed brilliant!”

“Of course.

A small Shen Yanxiao is not enough for us to take action.

If the four-nation alliance cannot do anything to her, we can reap the benefits.

It would not be too late to take action after Shen Yanxiaos forces are destroyed by the four-nation alliance.” The older Sage revealed a sinister smile.

All the previous actions against Shen Yanxiao had all ended in failure and the Broken Star Palace had lost many members.

This had infuriated the Palace Master!

This time, they had utilized the entire Brilliance Continents strength.

They wondered if that little kid had the ability to survive!

“We just have to wait for a good show.”

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