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Chapter 1481: Crisis (2)

If Shen Yanxiao had control over all the cities in the Forsaken Land and was given another five years or so of development time, then she might have the ability to fight against the four-nation alliance.

However, that was absolutely impossible right now!

There were more than a million people in the four-nation alliance army.

Even though there were many citizens in the Forsaken Land, it was unrealistic for them to devote their lives to Shen Yanxiao in less than a year.

Shen Yanxiaos real fighting capabilities were those slaves, demons, and the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Even though there were many slaves and they were loyal to Shen Yanxiao, they had only just gotten rid of their status as slaves after they entered the Forsaken Land and started learning battle aura and magic.

It was impossible for them to grow to become powerful in such a short period of time.

Right now, many of them were still in the learning phase of battle aura and magic and had yet to make any progress.

Even though the demons were powerful, their numbers were limited.

The number of demons Shen Yanxiao had taken in was only hundreds of thousands.

The number of advanced-ranked demons was less than ten thousand.

There was no way to win if she were to confront millions of enemies.

No matter how they analyzed it, Shen Yanxiaos battle would be extremely difficult.

“The number of troops in the four-nation alliance is definitely above two million.

If they have the heart to mobilize the entire countrys forces, then its not impossible to exceed five million.

All our fighting strength added together is only one-tenth of theirs.

The disparity is too huge.

Moreover, the firepower of the countrys regular army is very strong.

Yang Xi had always led those blacksmiths to build artillery and had yet to spare a hand to make large scale weapons of war.

If the opponent were to use siege weapons to bombard us, we can only use artillery.” Qi Xia narrowed his eyes.

The situation was serious.

“In a large-scale battle, individual strength is of little use.

Even though we have mythical beasts, there will certainly be mythical beasts in the four-nation alliance.

Its too difficult to fight one against four.” Yang Xis expression was ugly.

The opponent was the four-nation alliance, and it could be said that they had gathered all the forces and experts of the four countries.

There were indeed many mythical beasts and experts in the Forsaken Land, but it was too difficult to deal with the elite forces of the four countries.

It was enough to reach a draw with two mythical beasts from one country.

Since the four countries dared to wage a war against them, they must have made the best preparations.

Even though they did not have many mythical beasts in their country, it was not a problem for each country to produce three to five mythical beasts.

In total, there were about twenty mythical beasts.

How many mythical beasts were there in Sun Never Sets

How were they supposed to fight

There was a huge disparity in strength and the number of mythical beasts were also lacking.

All the trump cards in Shen Yanxiaos hands were incapable of resisting this difficult situation.

“We have more than ten thousand advanced-ranked demons with us.

We wont be at a disadvantage if we were to fight.” Tang Nazhi was not that pessimistic.

Shen Yanxiaos greatest trump card was the demons.

Whether they could reverse the situation would depend on their performance.

More than ten thousand demons was equivalent to more than ten thousand second class experts.

Their fighting strength was absolutely savage.

Qi Xia shook his head with a bitter smile.

“You think there are many demons, but its not much compared to the four-nation alliance.

If we were to combine all the demons together, we might be able to defend against them.

However, the other party is not a fool.

They will not only attack one area.

Once they attack separately, should we gather our forces Or should we separate our forces Once we are separated, it will be difficult to fight them.”

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