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Chapter 1486: Four Nations Alliance (2)

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Just the thought of it was ridiculous.

The four countries of the Brilliance Continent had teamed up and mobilized millions of experts to deal with a young lady!

Arent you afraid that others would laugh their heads off!

Luo Xuan was a mercenary and his thoughts were very direct.

He felt that regardless of the result of this battle, the four countries would become the laughingstock of the Brilliance Continent.

A group of men bringing millions of people to bully a young lady.

Arent they ashamed

“If she were just an ordinary little girl, these things would not have happened.

For the Broken Star Palace to be capable of causing such a huge commotion, Shen Yanxiao must have done something to offend the Broken Star Palace.” Even though Shi Heng was unwilling, his opinion was completely different from Luo Xuan.

How could a little kid who could reclaim more than fifty cities in the Forsaken Land, call Long Fei her brother and force the Broken Star Palace into a frenzy be an ordinary person

“Thats not right.

I think the Longxuan Empire is too ruthless.

They have mobilized a million man army.

Does the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire really want to kill Shen Yanxiao She is from the Longxuan Empire, after all.

Can he not be so inhumane” Luo Xuan pursed his lips.

He despised the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire.

“What do you know Do you think everyone here is here because of Shen Yanxiao If the Broken Star Palace had not agreed to distribute all the cities Shen Yanxiao had in the Forsaken Land to the various countries, do you think they would be so enthusiastic to come here and form an alliance Why did the Longxuan Empire send out the most troops Thats because half of the cities under Shen Yanxiaos command are owned by the Longxuan Empire.

If he did not send more people, how could he occupy the cities in the eastern region once the war ends” Shi Heng crossed his arms and sneered.

With the exception of their God Wind Alliance, which of the forces dispatched by the four countries was not directly linked to the number of cities Shen Yanxiao occupied

Whoever could obtain more cities would send more people.

And naturally, those with fewer cities were unwilling to benefit others.

If they were to mobilize all their forces, their current strength would not be three million, but five million.

“Then… are we really going to attack that little girl” Luo Xuan felt somewhat helpless.

He was only a deputy leader and a deputy general.

He could not even have a say in anything.

“I will only do what I have to do.

Since the God Wind Alliance has agreed to the Broken Star Palaces invitation, then I cannot be perfunctory.

At this point in time, I have no choice but to do my job.

I can only blame Shen Yanxiaos bad luck for wanting to become enemies with the Broken Star Palace.” Shi Heng sighed.

Even though he felt sorry for Shen Yanxiao, his standpoint would not change in the slightest.

Even the God Wind Alliance who had the most harmonious relationship with Shen Yanxiao was forced into a situation.

The other three parties had some grudges with Shen Yanxiao to some extent so naturally, there was no need to say anything.

However, the four-nation alliance more or less had their own motives.

If it were not for the Broken Star Palace, they would never have allied together.

Even though they seemed to have allied together on the surface, they were all guarded against each other in private.

No one had taken the initiative to negotiate a collaboration.

At that moment, an old man in brown robes slowly appeared before the army.

On the middle finger of his right hand was a ring with a pentagram.

When they saw that ring, the expressions of the four leaders turned solemn and they immediately restrained the laziness in their eyes.

Five-star ring.

The status symbol of the Broken Star Palace!

That old man was a Sage from the Broken Star Palace.

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