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Chapter 1489: The First Battle (1)

The armies of the four-nation alliance set off towards the Forsaken Land.

Even without prior agreement, they were well aware that they had to breach Sun Never Sets if they wanted to destroy Shen Yanxiaos forces.

Only the destruction of Sun Never Sets could completely eliminate Shen Yanxiaos foundation in the Forsaken Land.

As Shen Yanxiaos influence continued to expand, all the cities in the eastern region had been taken down and spread towards the other three areas.

Thus, the only way to break through the defense line and enter Sun Never Sets was through the eastern border.

“I heard that Shen Yanxiao already knows of our plan and has shifted all the people in the cities to the five main cities.

Is she planning to abandon all the cities and defend the main cities alone” Jiang Wan sat in the carriage and looked at the map of the Forsaken Land.

According to the area marked out in the map, the first city they would attack should be the outermost city, Del City.

Del City was a small city.

It was not worth mentioning in front of an army of three million.

Within the carriage, Long Yue lowered his head, his expression indeterminate.

Jiang Wan glanced at the prince and felt somewhat speechless.

He could understand that the Emperor wanted Long Yue to obtain military achievements.

After all, there was only one successor to the throne in the Longxuan Empire.

However, ever since Long Yue came over, the number of things he had said to him could be counted on one hand.

Of course, Jiang Wan would do no such things like getting intimate with someone cold on the butt.

Jiang Wan was already used to the lack of response from Long Yue.

He said, “The defenses of Del City should not be high.

Other than Sun Never Sets, the cities Shen Yanxiao is in charge of has only been built for a short period of time.

According to the results of our investigation, all the humans in Del City have evacuated.

As for the demons, we have no definite information and we have never heard of any humans entering the citys defenses.

With the exception of a few cannons on the city gate tower, Del City does not have any resistance.

Prince Long Yue, please be rest assured that your safety will be guaranteed here.”

Long Yue frowned.

Something in Jiang Wans words finally aroused his reaction.

“A spy”

Jiang Wan said, “Thats right.

As a matter of fact, once Shen Yanxiaos influence expanded, the Emperor had already taken precautions against her.

He had asked several of his confidants to leave the Longxuan Empire and join the Forsaken Land.

During this period of time, they have been investigating the cities in the Forsaken Land and sending information to the Emperor not long ago.

In fact, not only our Longxuan Empire, but the other three countries should have also sent spies to the Forsaken Land.”

It did not mean that they were ignorant.

The four countries had maintained a neutral attitude towards Shen Yanxiaos expansion, but that did not mean that they were ignorant about the Forsaken Land.

Long Yue looked at Jiang Wan.

“How long do you think it will take for us to reach Sun Never Sets”

Jiang Wan said, “If Shen Yanxiao were to abandon the defenses of the other cities and directly protect the five main cities, we dont have to fight on the way.

In such a situation, we can reach Sun Never Sets in half a months time.”

“So soon” Long Yue was surprised.

Jiang Wan smiled and said, “This is the fastest time.

However, if I were Shen Yanxiao, I would also defend the main city with my life.

If I were to waste my strength in a small city, then Sun Never Sets would not be able to hold on.

She has gathered her people because she wants to take a gamble.”

“Is that so” Long Yue lowered his head again, as if he was no longer interested in the topic.

Jiang Wan looked at the scenery outside the window and slowly said, “We are about to reach Del City.”

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