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Chapter 1492: The First Battle (4)

The armies of the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Seventh Kingdom were caught off guard and fled in panic.

The other soldiers stared at the scene in shock.

The aim of the artillery gradually followed according to the enemys retreat, not giving them any chance to escape.

The fragments of the shells and the fire oil that splashed in all directions had all become the grim reapers scythe as it frantically reaped their lives.

The allied forces of the four countries could only look on helplessly as the armies of the two countries were killed and wounded by the artillery.

“Damn it! Drive the siege weapons over and blast this broken city into ruins!” Qu Xun angrily pulled on his deputy generals collar.

No one expected that the city that they thought was empty would suddenly launch a fierce counterattack.

Elder Wen and Qu Xuns oversight had directly caused more than ten thousand deaths.

Ten thousand plus people was like a drop in the bucket for the four-nation alliance.

After a moment of shock, the commanders of the four armies gave the order to attack at the same time!

However, what made them vomit blood was that other than the seventy plus cannons, there were no other shadows in Del City.

Furthermore, all the cannons were under excellent protection.

If they wanted to destroy them, the four-nation alliance had to destroy the obsidian city walls!

The durability of obsidian was enough to drive the leaders of the four countries crazy.

Without a target, archers and magus would be useless.

The melee swordsmen and knights could not even approach the city walls.

If they dared to take a step closer, they would be smashed into meat paste by the cannons.

Right now, their only support was the siege weapons!

Siege weapons were extremely large, requiring brawny magical beasts to move them.

The four countries had gathered thousands of siege weapons.

It was the best choice to fight against artillery with siege weapons.

More than a thousand siege weapons soon surrounded Del City as dense artillery shells frantically bombarded the city and its surroundings.

The size of a siege weapon was not comparable to a cannon.

With over a thousand siege weapons operating at the same time, such an attack was absolutely a nightmare.

Thunderous roars sounded as shells bombarded the walls of Del City, but it did not leave a single scratch.

The city walls that Shen Yanxiao had spent a huge sum of money to build were displaying their extraordinary value!

The two sides faced off against each other.

Flames shot in all directions and the deafening sound of cannonfire was simply unbearable.

The distance between the siege weapons and the cannons were almost identical.

The armies of the four countries hid behind the siege weapons.

In Del City, Enchantress, who was responsible for leading the counterattack, narrowed her long and narrow phoenix eyes as she observed the opponents attack through the detection area.

“We cant hit them,” Enchantress sighed and said to Du Lang.

They were responsible for the first line of defense in Del City.

Du Lang frowned.

“I didnt expect the four countries to be so kind as to send out so many siege weapons.

As long as there are siege weapons, we cant cause any more casualties.”

Enchantress bit her lips and narrowed her eyes as she looked at those huge siege weapons.

“Id like to see how many siege weapons they have to fight us! Tell all the demons to immediately shift their targets to those siege weapons.

We must destroy a few of them before Del City is breached!”

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