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Chapter 1495: The First Battle (7)

Del City was engulfed in flames, and the alliance army of the four countries was instantly shocked by the flames before them.

When they rushed into the city and looked for demons that attacked them, they did not find any traces of them.

However, the moment they rushed into the fire and walked into the center of Del City, the entire city collapsed in an instant.

Countless gravel pieces mixed with flames drowned out all the soldiers that entered the city.

The magnificent city from a moment ago had instantly turned into ruins.

The moment Enchantress left the underground city and entered other cities, she pressed down the mechanism to destroy the entire city, using everything in Del City to build a nightmare-like grave for the four-nation alliance.

Del City had completely disappeared from the Forsaken Land.

All that was left was a pile of stones and countless corpses.

The blood evaporated away in the flames, releasing a disgusting smell.

The four commanders, who had yet to experience the joy of victory, were stunned.

Their souls trembled as they looked at the destruction of Del City, the burying of their soldiers, and the prosperity before them turning into dust.

Del City was lost, but Shen Yanxiao did not leave a single brick or tile for the four-nation alliance.

She built this city single-handedly, and the moment it was about to change owners, she asked Enchantress to personally destroy it.

Even if Shen Yanxiao was defeated, she would not leave a single intact city for the four countries.

Even if she were to die on the battlefield, she would bring everything to hell!

“Damn it, this is our result” The usually calm Jiang Wan could not help but curse when he saw the destruction of Del City.

How could he have expected that Shen Yanxiao would do such a thing so decisively

If the city were to fall, she would destroy it without leaving any leeway.

The four-nation alliance had sacrificed tens of thousands of lives and exhausted dozens of siege weapons to take down the city, but all that was left was ruins.

“Have we won the first battle” Shi Heng looked at the scene with a bitter smile.

After a day of fighting, their alliance lost more than fifty siege weapons and thirty thousand lives.

In the end, nearly a hundred thousand people were buried in Del City.

The seemingly victorious battle cost them hundreds of thousands of men, but what they got in the end was a piece of ruin.

How could a city wall that collapsed with a bang and a city that had sunk into the ground be a victory spoil

This was simply mocking them!

“Shen Yanxiao is not an easy opponent.” Shi Heng shook his head and sighed.

In his mind, the alliance between the four countries had been defeated.

They did not obtain anything after they sacrificed hundreds of thousands of people and lost more than fifty siege weapons.

On Shen Yanxiaos side, she only lost dozens of low-ranked demons and a city that did not belong to her.

It was obvious who would win.

She would rather die than to live in dishonor.

How ruthless!

“Leader, what should we do now” Luo Xuan swallowed his saliva.

The shock of this battle was too much.

Shi Heng said, “What should we do Do as you see fit.

In any case, Del City does not belong to our God Wind Alliance.

It doesnt matter if its destroyed.

Lets check the casualties of our brothers first.”

Shi Heng did not finish his sentence.

He was wondering if Shen Yanxiao intended to destroy all the cities if she were to fail in the confrontation.

Thinking of this, Shi Heng could not help but shiver.

If that was the case, Shen Yanxiao must be crazy.

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