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Chapter 1498: Chaos (2)

If they chose any other paths, they would have to pass through many more cities.

“But why do I feel that it will be difficult to rely on these siege weapons Shen Yanxiao seems to have many mythical beasts under her command and the Broken Star Palace does not intend to take action personally.

We do not have a good method to deal with those mythical beasts.” Shi Heng felt a headache.

Jiang Wan said, “Im not worried about those mythical beasts.

This time, the four-nation alliance has brought over 24 mythical beasts.

No matter how many mythical beasts Shen Yanxiao has, we can still block them.

What Im afraid of is Shen Yanxiao.”

“Her” Shi Heng looked at Jiang Wan in surprise.

Jiang Wan said, “You are not from the Longxuan Empire, so you do not know much about Shen Yanxiao.

She is an extremely terrifying girl, so much so that you might not be able to imagine it.

Two to three years ago, she was still the Vermilion Bird Familys disgrace, a trash that could not train in magic or battle aura.

However, two to three years later, she became an existence that could shock the four countries.

Including me, no one knows how many cards she has.”

Shen Yanxiaos terrifying aspect was that they could never guess how much strength she had concealed.

“I dont think we can take her down with just our siege weapons.

A girl who has the courage to destroy several cities is definitely not someone easy to deal with.

Im afraid there arent many among us who can compare to her decisiveness and ruthlessness.” Jiang Wans tone was not very good.

Not only did the victory during this period not make him feel any joy, but it also made him more worried about the final battle.

Shi Heng narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

“Leader Shi Heng, I have an idea.

I wonder if you are willing to cooperate.”

“Please speak.”

“I would like to request for you to strive to transport a new batch of siege weapons from the Brotherhood Alliance of the God Wind Alliance.” Jiang Wan said.


“If this continues, we will not have enough siege weapons when we attack Sun Never Sets.

If we can mobilize more siege weapons, I believe it will be foolproof.

I will talk to Elder Wen and Marquis Qu Xun about this later.

We have already made such a huge move.

If we cannot completely eradicate Shen Yanxiao, then her survival will become the nightmare of our four countries.

We have destroyed so many of her cities.

Once she regains her breath, she will certainly launch a crazy counterattack against our four countries.

Therefore, we must eliminate her completely this time.” There was an indescribable fear of Shen Yanxiao deep down.

After struggling on the battlefield for dozens of years, he knew that he had to eliminate an opponent like Shen Yanxiao in one go.

Otherwise, her future revenge was absolutely not something they could bear.

Jiang Wans words caused Shi Heng to fall into deep thought.

“I promise you, I will try to send a letter back.” Shi Heng took a deep breath and agreed to Jiang Wans request.

Others might not understand, but Shi Heng was well aware that they were standing on the opposite side of Shen Yanxiao.

Whether they won or lost, the hatred between them had been sown.

Either Shen Yanxiao would be sent to hell, or it would be their disaster.

After receiving Shi Hengs response, Jiang Wan smiled.

He did not notice that Long Yue who was a few steps away had been staring at him with a taut face.

The conversation between him and Shi Heng had fallen into Long Yues ears without missing a single word.

Long Yue narrowed his eyes and looked at the gray sky.

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