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Before they had the chance to lie down and rest, they had started to fight.

Just as they began to get angry at the students who attacked them, Yan Yus condition suddenly took a turn for the worse.

His usually pale face turned deathly white due to the strenuous exercises that his body had endured for the past few days.

The prolonged running did help either, and it made it difficult for him to breathe.

He gasped for air, but he could not get enough oxygen into his lungs.

His face then turned green.

“Yan Yu! Are you alright” Yang Xi immediately slowed down and went to Yan Yus side.

Yan Yu shook his head with great effort as bead-sized sweat dripped from his forehead, and his bright eyes became blurry.

When they notice Yan Yus condition, they knew that things went from bad to worse.

“Nazhi, hold on to my things for me.

Little Yus illness is acting up again.

Ill carry him and run!” Yang Xi immediately threw his shield and sword to Tang Nazhi as his arms reached out to carry Yan Yu on a piggyback while they ran.

Yan Yus head leaned against Yang Xis shoulders, and Yang Xi could hear the rapid sounds of his breathing.

It was as if it would stop the next second.

“Damnit!” Tang Nazhi looked nervously at Yan Yu who lost consciousness, and his right hand tightly gripped on Yang Xis sword as he turned toward those rabid-like students.

“Nazhi, dont be rash.

You cannot take action now.

Have you forgotten what you promised your father” When he noticed that something was amiss with Tang Nazhi, Qi Xia immediately grabbed onto his arms and pulled Tang Nazhi toward him.

Then he turned toward their opponents and shot three ice blades from his hand to counter the incoming arrows.

“Those bastards, Ill make them suffer eventually!” Tang Nazhi gripped the sword tightly as he furiously turned and continued to advance.

He deliberately ran behind Yang Xi and Yan Yu and relied on the shield to block the incoming arrows and magic attacks.

Qi Xia smiled, but in his usually grinning eyes, there was a bone-chilling cold intent.

“We will make them pay back sooner or later.

Right now, we should take Little Yu to find a safe location.

He has to eat his medicine at once or else…”

Qi Xia did not continue, but Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi knew what would happen.

The four of them already knew each other since they were only ten years old.

However, they did not get on well together in the beginning due to the conflicts among their families.

However, one fine day, Qi Xia broke through the situation and brought the four of them together.

After six to seven years of contact, they had a good understanding of each others affairs.

They knew that Yan Yus body had a problem from the moment he was born.

Throughout the years, the White Tiger Family had tried many methods to cure his illness.

However, there was no progress, and they could only rely on all sorts of previous medicine to maintain his livelihood.

If it were not for the powerful White Tiger Family, Yan Yu probably would not have lived until then.

That was also the reason why Yan Yu never had a rosy complexion.

At that moment, Yan Yus illness flared due to prolonged fatigue, and those who had seen it happened before would not want to see it again.

The road ahead was unknown, and the groups of students behind them were still on their tail.

It was a terrible situation for one to be in.

“Hey! Enough is enough! We have someone here who is injured, and you still want to continue” Tang Nazhi could no longer tolerate it and bellowed in anger.

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