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Chapter 1502: Shen Yanxiaos Plot (3)

Of the two hundred plus siege weapons that the four-nation alliance had lost, more than eighty belonged to the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Qu Xuns heart bled.

He had yet to reach Sun Never Sets, but he had already used up half of his siege weapons!

As a matter of fact, Qu Xun ordered his men to pull back the half-destroyed siege weapons from the battlefield and berated the blacksmiths to see if they could be saved.

A few damaged siege weapons were pieced together, but it was hard to repair them into a complete one.

Seeing this, Qu Xun was hopping mad.

The blacksmiths were thoroughly berated by Qu Xun and could only bury their heads and continue repairing.

However, in the face of the siege weapons that had been smashed into a pile of scrap metal by the cannons, they could not turn the situation around no matter how skilled they were.

A wisp of evening breeze blew past Qu Xuns back.

He turned his head to look around in frustration but did not see anyone.

Seeing nothing odd, he continued to urge the blacksmith.

The soldiers guarding the siege weapons forced themselves to pay attention to their surroundings.

In fact, they suspected that the people in the Forsaken Land would be idiots if they came and destroyed these siege weapons.

This was a camp where three million people were stationed!

No matter how courageous the people in the Forsaken Land were, they would not come here to seek death, right

The soldiers did not believe that someone would come and cause trouble, but due to their commanders orders, they had no choice but to stand guard here obediently.

In the dark night, only the flickering light of the fire could be seen.

The huge siege weapons were covered with a thick tarp that concealed its true appearance.

A soft sound echoed.

The soldiers immediately looked towards the source of the sound.

They only saw the cloth covering the siege weapons moving but did not discover anything else.

“The wind at night in the Forsaken Land is so damn cold.” One of the soldiers could not help but mumble as he tried to shrink his neck so that the cold wind would not invade his body.

The heavy tarp made waves of noise in the wind.

The soldiers would look at it from time to time.

But after they found nothing amiss, they did not pay any more attention to it.

Under the cover of the tarp, the siege weapons were suddenly thrown away.

Six small pits were dug up at the same time and six scrolls suddenly appeared in mid-air.

It was as if six invisible hands had carefully placed those six scrolls into the pits, and the soil that was dug up covered the scrolls again as if it had never been touched.

Yu Bu made another sound and the soldiers habitually ignored it.

The words that were covered with a golden luster had a trace of magic aura, but it was suddenly concealed so no one noticed it.

The night breeze in the Forsaken Land was not as gentle as in other areas.

Many soldiers had snuck into their tents to avoid the strong winds.

Only the soldiers who were on guard were holding their posts.

The fire that had yet to be extinguished was flickering in the wind and the camp was somewhat empty.

A black triangular piece of cloth suddenly floated out of nowhere and under the cover of the night, that piece of black cloth quietly landed on the fire and was burnt cleanly.

“Idiot.” A soft voice that was almost drowned out by the wind was heard.

That small voice was soon crushed by the strong wind.

The soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty guarded the siege weapons and listened to the sound of the wind blowing against the cloth.

They narrowed their eyes and shrunk their shoulders, trying to make their presence in the wind lessen.

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