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Chapter 1505: Counterattack, Begin! (1)

Freud practically floated away from the underground city.

The Phantom members were the only ones left in the huge underground city.

“Nazhi, can you be any more stupid” Qi Xia raised his eyebrows and looked at Tang Nazhi.

Tang Nazhi had really refreshed his bottom line of stupidity today.

Tang Nazhi muttered, “Isnt this for safety reasons”

He was cautious, not stupid!

Qi Xia curled his lips and said, “Can you explain why you wore a face cloth after drinking a stealth potion”

Shen Yanxiaos previous plan had shocked the five of them.

She did not intend to destroy the siege weapons of the four-nation alliance.

Instead, she intended to steal a batch of them.

All of this was thanks to the enchantment magic Shen Yanxiao learned from the Moon God Continent!

The enchantment scrolls could produce all sorts of miraculous effects when combined together.

The few sets of enchantment scrolls Shen Yanxiao took out this time had the effect of instant teleportation.

The six enchantment scrolls could form a small teleportation array that could transport non-living items to a place not far away in the blink of an eye.

This was the first time Qi Xia and the rest had heard of such a miraculous teleportation array.

Shen Yanxiao was confident of this plan.

Therefore, as soon as night fell, she took them with her and drank a Grandmaster Invisibility Potion before sneaking into the base camp of the four-nation alliance.

However, Tang Nazhi was a genius.

Before he drank the Invisibility Potion, he insisted on covering his face with a piece of black cloth.

He put it in a nice way so that it could provide him with more protection.

Even if he were to be discovered, he would not let the other party recognize him.

But, the strong winds of the night in the Forsaken Land had blown away hiscover!

Towards Tang Nazhis extremely stupidity, Qi Xia and the rest had the urge to strangle him to death!

“This is my first time drinking a Grandmaster Concealment Potion.

How would I know how long it will last Im just taking precautions.” Tang Nazhi still wanted to quibble, but when he saw the looks of contempt his comrades shot at him, he immediately felt guilty.


Who knew that the wind in the Forsaken Land would be so strong!

“IQ degeneration.” Yan Yu sighed.

“Xiaoxiao, this method of yours is really powerful.

If you do it a few more times, I reckon we can steal all the siege weapons from the four-nation alliance!” Tang Nazhi immediately changed the topic.

It was his first time being athiefand he had already stolen such a huge number of siege weapons.

Thinking about this, he felt a sense of accomplishment.


“Why” Tang Nazhi was stunned.

This mission could be said to have been perfect.

They did not expend a single soldier to steal so many siege weapons, so why couldnt they continue

“My enchantment skills are insufficient.

All the enchantment scrolls were given to me by my enchantment teacher.

With my current abilities, I am unable to complete the writing of the teleportation spell alone.” Shen Yanxiao sighed.

If it were that simple, she would have brought the Phantom members to cause havoc in the four-nation alliance.

There were only so many enchantment scrolls that could form a teleportation array in her hands, and she had used all of them tonight.

The remaining enchantment scrolls were incapable of forming a teleportation array.

Thus, she could only use this method once.

Shen Yanxiaos answer made the Five Beasts feel regret.

Their carefree thieving trip was extremely exciting.

“Yang Xi, see if you can change the effective range of the siege weapons that have been transported back.

These siege weapons are to be used in the defenses of Sun Never Sets.

Nazhi, Xiaowei, I have a mission for you when we return.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

The theft of the siege weapons would end here.

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