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Chapter 1507: Counterattack, Begin! (3)

The days of the four-nation alliance could be said to be miserable.

Even though they had won the following few battles, just like before, they did not even get anything back.

Under the harassment of various arrays and traps, the commanders of the four-nation alliance felt that they were going crazy.

This battle was too frustrating!

Even Jiang Wan had changed his hostility towards Shen Yanxiao from national hatred to hatred as an individual.

He wished he could drag this crafty little kid out and give her a good beating.

In the base camp of the four-nation alliance, the four commanders were restless.

Although thousands of casualties was nothing to them, they were about to collapse if they were to be tormented like this!

This was similar to a fight between two people.

One was clearly powerful and could crush the other party to death with one hand, but the other party was smart enough to avoid a direct confrontation with him and would come over to slap him for no reason.

Even though this slap could not kill, the feeling of being slapped on the face was honestly infuriating!

Elder Wen and Qu Xun, who had always been at odds with each other, had been forced to sit together and discuss countermeasures under Shen Yanxiaos wretched methods.

The Sage of the Broken Star Palace sat in the tent and looked at the four commanders who did not look good.

“Sage, is the Broken Star Palace really not going to take action Shen Yanxiao is just too disgusting.

We have to be on tenterhooks every day when we walk.

I wonder if the Broken Star Palace has any methods to deal with her” Qu Xun wanted to cry.

Up until now, he had suffered the most losses.

There were less than a third of his siege weapons left and nearly 150,000 of his soldiers had died.

He did not even get to see Shen Yanxiao, but he had already exhausted so much of his fighting strength.

He wished he could buy a piece of tofu and knock himself to death.

The Sage calmly looked at Qu Xun and slowly said, “What are your thoughts Why dont you tell me”

Elder Wen mustered up his courage and said, “What Marquis Qu Xun said makes sense.

We cant continue to waste our resources like this.

Weve already lost quite a number of siege weapons.

Based on the current situation, it would be pretty good if we still have four hundred over siege weapons left when we arrive at Sun Never Sets.

Even though we have already requested more siege weapons from the country, it will still take some time for them to arrive before we arrive at Sun Never Sets.

Im afraid that once the war starts, we wont be able to destroy Sun Never Sets in one blow.”

Up until now, the commanders of the four countries had been suppressing their anger.

Other than spurning Shen Yanxiaos shamelessness, they were also dissatisfied with the Broken Star Palace for standing idly by.

The Sage said, “Everyone, dont worry.

When we arrive at Sun Never Sets, the Broken Star Palace will certainly lend a helping hand.

However, the current situation cannot be changed by an individuals abilities.

Even if more Sages of the Broken Star Palace arrive, Im afraid we will not be able to reverse the situation.”

The four leaders secretly pursed their lips.

What a nice way of putting it.

If they were to fight in Sun Never Sets, who knew if the Broken Star Palace would actually send people over.

Even though they were complaining, they did not have the courage to confront the Broken Star Palace.

As if he had sensed the internal thoughts of Jiang Wan and the rest, the Sage continued.

“In fact, if you are unwilling to let your soldiers investigate the trap, I have a method but I dont know if you are willing.”

The four commanders looked at each other.

In the end, it was Jiang Wan who asked, “What is the method Please enlighten us.”

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