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Chapter 1510: Decisive Battle (2)

For a moment, the sounds of gunfire could be heard.

The four-nation alliance and the Sun Never Sets began to exchange fire with each others heavy weapons.

The four-nation alliance concentrated their firepower on the city walls in an attempt to open a gap.

Sun Never Sets was not like other cities.

Other than the sturdy city walls, its protective shield was also a huge blow to the four-nation alliance.

Only by destroying the protective shield could they directly attack the city walls.

The number of heavy weapons Sun Never Sets had was far fewer than the amount the four-nation alliance had, but they were equally matched against the four-nation alliance when considering the protective shield.

The siege weapons modified overnight by the Azure Dragon Family had a much longer range than before.

As a result, these siege weapons focused their firepower on the soldiers behind the four-nation alliances siege weapons.

Huge boulders fell one after another.

It could crush a group of soldiers to death in an instant.

The boulders doused with flames continued to roll after they landed on the ground, leaving deep marks on the dried up ground.

The four countries were in an uproar.

“How did Shen Yanxiao do it” Jiang Wan stared at the modified siege weapons.

Even though there were no changes in their destructive power, the range was too savage! The range of their siege weapons was dozens of meters longer than their own siege weapons.

The boulders they threw directly flew over their siege weapons and bombarded the soldiers behind them.

As a result, the majority of their troops did not dare to stand too close to the siege weapons.

As a result, their formation was directly disrupted.

As a result, after the soldiers near the siege weapons died, it would take a long time for them to send out new soldiers.

During this period of time, the siege weapons were incapable of attacking, causing them to become the target of the cannons.

“Damn it! If this continues, our siege weapons will not be able to hold on before their protective shield is broken!” Qu Xun stomped his feet in anger.

It was one thing for his siege weapons to be used by the enemy, but they had also been modified to be so savage.

Wasnt this simply asking for trouble

“When will the siege weapons arrive” Shi Heng pulled a long face.

It would be disadvantageous for them if this continued.

“It will be soon.

It will arrive in half a day at most,” Luo Xuan wiped his cold sweat as he said.

They had thought of Sun Never Sets too simply.

The defenses of Sun Never Sets were definitely the strongest among all the cities in the Brilliance Continent.

Coupled with those cannons and modified siege weapons, it was practically an unshakable fortress.

“We cant wait that long.

Immediately inform the other three commanders to mobilize the mythical beasts.

Artillery and siege weapons cannot attack flying magical beasts.

We must have the flying magical beasts attack from above and break the protective shield of Sun Never Sets.” Shi Heng gritted his teeth.

The fighting strength of Sun Never Sets was absolutely beyond their imagination.

If they were to continue delaying, they would not be able to keep these hundreds of siege weapons of theirs.

At that time, they would become meat on a chopping board, and Shen Yanxiao and the rest would slaughter them.

The commanders of the four countries immediately reached a consensus, and twenty over aerial mythical beasts were suddenly summoned.

Among the millions of soldiers, the twenty plus huge mythical beasts were exceptionally eye-catching as they roared out loud.

Twenty plus aerial mythical beasts suddenly rose into the sky and circled around the artillery and siege weapons as they flew towards Sun Never Sets!

How spectacular was that scene

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