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However, Tang Nazhis roar did not get him his desired response.

When they heard that someone was injured, the students were even more eager to chase them down.

“Since someone is already injured, why dont you give us your badges”

“Its a good thing that theyre injured.

Id like to see how long they can continue.

Everyone, we should take advantage of this opportunity and eliminate them.” All of the students were excited.

They look forward to eliminating the super-powerful team from the test ahead of schedule.

Even after the test had ended, they could brag about how they spooked the top students from the Magus, Knight, and Priest divisions.

They had covered their heads and snuck away like rats!

They were also not worried about retaliation from Qi Xia and his team.

They had asked around, and they knew that many other groups had attacked them too.

There were probably about a hundred students who had chased after them, so Qi Xia could not possibly find each one of them for revenge.

“Oh right, why are there only four people in their team I remember theres another first-year student from the Herbalism Division” One of the students questioned his companion.

“Who knows, weve been chasing them for half a day, and we have yet to see that little guy appear.

Its either he had strayed off or stayed hidden somewhere else.

In any case, its just a freshman from the Herbalism Division who has no fighting strength.

We only have to eliminate Qi Xia and the rest, so theres no need to worry about that little guy.”

Students who had lost their badge could withdraw from the test if they wanted to.

Therefore, they did not care for the last member of Qi Xias team as he was only a freshman in the Herbalism Division.

Why should they worry about someone who was not even an herbalist apprentice

That group of students got even more excited and increased their attacks on Qi Xias team.

“Ill knock all of their teeth out sooner or later.” Tang Nazhi sensed the increased attacks.

If it were not for his promise to his father, he would hack those group of bastards to their deaths.

“There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.” A sneer curled on Qi Xias lips, and the usually-calm gentleman was suffused with intense killing intent.

Yan Yus condition worsened, and Yang Xi felt as if he could no longer feel his breathing.

When he saw the steep slope in front of them, Yang Xi gritted his teeth and said, “Theres no other way.

Ill have to jump down.

As long as we can break away from them, Little Yu can take his medicine.”

Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi agreed with Yang Xis proposal.

They ran toward the slope at high speed and then jumped down without even a moment of hesitation.

The group of students behind them was shocked when that happened.

“Are they trying to die!” The students who chased after them saw what had happened, and they quickly dashed to the edge of the slope.

It was pitch black when they looked down the hill, but they could still make out the faint silhouettes of four figures before they disappear into the darkness.

The rest of the students gulped when they realized how steep the slope was.

They wondered if the four of them were injured after they jumped down the hill.

In the dark, Yang Xi shielded Yan Yu as they rolled down the slope with Qi Xia and Yang Nazhi followed closely behind them.

Even with the grasses that cushioned their fall, the stones caused them some injuries too.

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